Y6 went on a residential to Kingswood,they took part in many activities including this one- The 3G swing.

Y2 trip to Whiston walk



Year 2 had an exciting trip round Whiston village.On the trip they saw historical buildings such as: the Manorial barn, Parish hall & the Mary Magdolin church ''We all drew a beautifull drawing of the church.''said a Year 2 pupil.''My best bit was when we saw patterns on the gates.''said Mya a Year 2 pupil.

School Councilors

School council have been having a tough start.In School Council we have been deciding who the book winners have been. The KS1 winner was Harley in Y2 and the KS2 winner was Stephanie in Y6.In the Harvest Festival we had a competition which was Scarcrows and the winner was Y4 with a seaside Life Guard with an Octopes on its head.


In October on the premises on Whiston j & i school we had some very nice - and extreamly cute - hedghogs visit. They pleased themselves to happily walk around on fields, piles of leaves and guess were the other place was, it was under a hedge! We tried our best to leave them alone and fortuatly non of them got hurt. Phew!