Mrs Lodge and Mrs Perry are the class teachers

Mrs Lodge has taught at Whiston J & I since 2009. She enjoys spending time with her family and socialising with friends.

She is the Foundation Stage Leader and is currently jointly responsible for Mathematics with Mrs Francis as well as Phonics.

Mrs Perry has worked at Whiston J & I since 2013.  She likes to spend her free time with her family and going for walks with her dog. Mrs Perry enjoys weekends away from home in her camper van.

She is responsible for Computing.

Mrs Mercer

Mrs Mercer, Mrs Powell and Mrs Green are the teaching assistants.

Mrs Mercer has worked at Whiston J & I since 2010 and she enjoys reading and going to Zumba classes.



Mrs Green

Mrs Green has worked at Whiston since 2009. She enjoys going to the cinema, reading, swimming and spending time with her children. Mrs Green is also one of the FS2 SMSAs with Mrs Hill.

Mrs Powell

Mrs Powell has worked at Whiston for 13 years and she enjoys foreign holidays and travel, gardening, decorating  and walking her dogs.

Mrs Hill

Mrs Hill is a voluntary worker and a SMSA. She is actively involved with Whiston Methodist Church, loves walking and reading and spending time with her great grandchildren.