Welcome to our new FS2 children

Our new FS2 children are settling into school life at Whiston.The children are enjoying learning with their friends. They are all very busy.........


FS2 become Nature Detectives!

Over the last three weeks the children in FS2 have been taking part in Nature Detective learning activities with Mrs Fretwell. They have explored the school grounds and made collections of what they have found- leaves, twigs, seeds, feathers and lots more. The children then used their imaginations to create heir own seaside pictures using what they had collected.  Take a look.....

Looking at fruit

We made plasticine fruits and made fruit faces in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, an artist who used fruits and vegetables in his work.

Learning in the school garden

The children visited the school garden with Mrs Fretwell to look in the pond at the tadpoles in there.  We have some tadpoles in the classroom that Ollie brought in from his nan's pond. The children are watching them closely to see if they can see any changes.

FS2 visit Whirlow Hall Farm

FS2 visted Whirlow Hall Farm in Sheffield.  They saw lots of different farm animals and were able to stroke a week old lamb, a red hen and a shetland pony called Frankie.  Whilst they were in the lambing barn looking at the sheep and lambs, a lamb was born and we saw the mummy sheep licking her new baby.  Also the children retold the story of the Little Red Hen with lots of props including a real hen! The children fed the hen, planted some wheat seeds, harvested the wheat, ground it into flour, made bread with it and ate the warm bread from the oven- yummy!

Minibeast Family Workshop 

What a fantastic afternoon the children had making body parts for an enormous caterpillar using paper plates, designing a  symmetrical butterfly and making their own fossils by making imprints of minibeasts into a clay tile. Thank you to the parents who supported us.

Visit by Zoo Lab

As part of FS2's learning during the Book and Science topic on Minibeasts, the children had a visit by Zoo Lab who brought in lots of different creatures for the children to look at and handle. They learnt about a hissing cockroach, a giant African snail, a tarantula, a python snake and a baby hedgehog. The children .....or most of them, were very eager to handle the creatures but not the eight legged, eight eyed tarantula, who was kept safely in her box!

Road Safety

The children in FS2 had a visitor from Rotherham Road Safety to talk to them about how to cross the road safely using zebra crossings and pelican crossings. They listened carefully and then had a go!!

FS2 Chinese Banquet

On Thursday 22nd February the children in FS2 had a Chinese Banquet to celebrate Chinese New Year. They tasted a variety of Chinese foods and dressed in the colours red, yellow and orange. They had a really good time and enjoyed tasting the food.

Visit by a paramedic

As part of the children's learning in FS2 on Emergency 999, a paramedic came into school to talk to the children about her job.  She talked about how she looked after people who were very ill or had had an accident or maybe needed to go to hospital. Emma showed the children lots of interesting things that she used in her job. 

Making Fruit Salad Lollies

As part of our learning linked to the film 'Frozen' the children in FS2 made their own fruit salad lollies.  They choose the fruits they wanted from a choice of banana, grapes, strawberries and kiwi fruit.  The children then chopped the fruits into bite-size pieces and put them in their lolly mould.  Next they poured orange or summer fruits juice into the beaker and put in a lolly stick before putting them in the fridge.  When all the lollies were frozen the children enjoyed eating them- yummy!!!

Maths Workshop

For more information and pictures follow this link Maths in FS2 and Year 1

Christmas in FS2

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first Christmas at Whiston...... decorating the school Christmas tree and seeing the lights being turned on for the first time with the rest of school, taking part in their first nativity- Whoops-A-Daisy Angel and getting dressed up in their nativity costume, eating Christmas lunch with their friends, wearing their Christmas jumpers and an unexpected visit from Santa at their Christmas Party where he gave them all an early Christmas present!!

Pizza Parlour in FS2

The children have enjoyed their learning in our new role play area which is a Pizza Parlour to link with our learning about Italy. They have made pizzas using modelling dough, taken orders, wrote receipts and paid for and given change using money. Look at the photographs.......

Making Pizza


As part of their learning about Italy, the children in FS2 made healthy vegetarian pizzas.  They chose their toppings to put on on a pitta bread base. The pizzas were then cooked and the children ate them during the afternoon. They were very yummy. Infact one person said it was the best pizza they had ever tasted!!


The children took part in their first Talk4Learning session at Whiston. Many parents/carers and other family members came along to share a new storybook 'The Bumblebear' by Nadia Shireen. The story is about a new bee at Bee School but something is not quite right..... That's because Norman, the new bee, is actually a sneaky BEAR trying to trick the bees with the ultimate honey-grabbing plot.

Two visiting librarians from Rotherham came into school to take part in the FS2's Talk4Learning session, reading the story and speaking to parents/carers about the services on offer from Rothehrm libraries.

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their new storybook with a grown up.....


Looking for signs of Autumn

On Monday 16th October, the FS2 children enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn.  They collected lots of different leaves and used them in their learning to create fantastic leaf print pictures and repeating patterns.

Welcome to our new FS2 children

Our new FS2 children are settling into school life and are enjoying learning with their friends. 

FS2's new outdoor learning area

We are so excited now that our new outdoor learning area is finally complete and ready for us to use.  We have been exploring each area to see what is there and talking about our ideas for our learning.

Take a look at the photographs........