2016 - 17

Welcome to Whiston Junior and Infant School and Foundation Two. 


Summer 2

Welcome back to the final term of FS2. We hope you had a good half term break and the children are refreshed and ready for another busy term. 

Our learning this term is based on the question 'What do you like to do on holiday?' The children will recount their holiday experiences and talk about their favourite holiday places, what they do on holiday and also how they travel there.  Our role play will be a travel agents and then change later in the term to become a caravan. We will use the books 'The Train Ride ' by June Crebbin and Mr Gumpy's Outing and Mr Gumpy's Motor Car by John Burningham on our small world for the children to enact the stories. 

Transition begins for all the children in school week beginning 10th July, where they will spend each morning in their new classroom with their new teacher and teaching assistants. During this time they will begin their new topic which they will continue in September.

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Summer 2, please click the link below

Summer 1

Welcome back and we hope you had a good Easter and found time to relax together. 

Our learning this term is linked to the question 'Whose baby am I?' and begins with our visit to Whirlow Hall Farm in Sheffield on Tuesday 25th April.  We will take a trip around the farm, looking at the different animals and finding out about their young. On our return to school we will write a recount about the visit and draw. collage and paint farm animal pictures. Our role play area is a veterinary surgery where the children can learn how to care for sick animals.  During the term we will learn about different kinds of animals such as farm animals, African animals, minibeasts and pets. Our focus will be naming the animals and their young, looking at the differences and similarities between the adult and young of each of the animals and where the animal lives.

The term ends with the whole school Sport and Wellbeing Week, where we will learn about making healthy choices with regard to food and drink and  exercise. The week will end with our FS2/KS1 Sports Day on Friday 26th May- weather permitting of course!!! 

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Summer 1, please click the link below


Spring 2

Welcome back and I hope you had an enjoyable half term break and the children are refreshed and ready to learn!

This term begins with our Book and Science fortnight with the whole school topic of Magic and Mystery. We are starting our learning linked to the Julia Donaldson books of 'Room on the Broom' and 'The Princess and the Wizard' to answer the question 'Would you like to meet a witch or a wizard?'. In the classroom the role play is a Wizard and Witches Potion Workshop where the children can create all sorts of spells and potions in their cauldrons, So beware!!

We hope you will join us for our creative workshop on Friday 10th March 2-3pm where you can come into school and work with your child on activities linked to our magic and mystery whole school topic.

Next our learning moves onto the question 'Do you have a beanstalk growing in your garden?' where the children will learn about what a plant needs to grow and will plant a variety of seeds and watch them grow and change.  We will read the stories 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'Jim and the Beanstalk' and 'Jasper's Beanstalk'.  The children will learn about making healthy food choices and we will taste a variety of vegetables and the children will make healthy choices for a pizza topping.

We will end the term by answering the questions 'Can you see signs of Spring?' and 'How is Easter celebrated?' which will end with an Easter egg hunt around our outdoor area.

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Spring 2, please click the link below.


 Spring 1

Welcome back and Happy New Year!!! 

The children have returned back to school after the Christmas break, enthusiastic and eager to learn. 

In FS2 this term we will be learning about 'What is it like to live in a cold place?' We will be learning about the season of Winter and it's weather and how we keep ourselves warm. In our learning we will be using the story 'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth and the story and DVD 'Frozen'.  As part of our learning we will be finding out about animals in the polar regions.

Next in our learning we will learn about the celebration of Chinese New Year and even have a Chinese banquet! To finish this term we will look at the work of the emergency services and how they help us.  We have planned for some visitors to come into school and talk about their jobs and how they help people.

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Spring 1, please click the link below.


Autumn 2

Welcome back to Autumn 2 which will be a busy term, with the run up to Christmas and all the learning opportunities we have planned for the children.

This term we will look at “How do different communities use light and dark in their celebrations?’‘ We will look at Divali, birthdays, Christmas and also learn about Bonfire Night and fire safety,

We will also be asking the question 'What is an alien and where do they live?' As part of this topic we will be reading lots of different stories and a visitor is coming into school for our Alien Day on Tuesday 22nd November.

We will begin our Christmas celebrations, which will include our Christmas Nativity play, a visit to watch the pantomime at Rotherham Civic Theatre, a Christmas Party and a special visitor dressed in red and Christmas dinner celebrations wearing our Christmas jumpers!

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Autumn 2, please click the link below.


Autumn 1

Our first topic is “Who am I?” and we will be talking about our families, what make us all individual and special and creating self-portraits. We will also learn about Autumn by going on an Autumn walk around school, doing autumn threading with leaves and pasta and doing some Autumn writing and drawing.

We also plan from the interests of the children and use our observations of the children to inform planning.  

The children are settling beautifully and have formed strong friendships within the class, both with other children and adults.

We would like to thank you for your continued support.

If you wish to view our learning letter for Autumn 1 please click on the link below