Construction Workshop with Esh Group

The children in FS2 had a safety assembly and a construction workshop today with visitors from the Esh Group, where they learnt about the dangers on a building site. They learnt that building sites are not playgrounds and they should stay away from them. In the workshop they found out about the different safety equipment the construction workers must wear to keep safe and about the different tools and jobs that different people do on the building site. Some children dressed up as a construction worker and a site manager. They used a trundle wheel to measure like they do on a real building site.

Parent Creative Workshop

As part of the school science and book fortnight we had a parent creative workshop. Thank you for all those parent/carers who came to join us. At the workshop the children used the recyclable materials they had brought in from home to make an underwater creature. Look at the photographs to see what a fantastic time everyone had!

Emergency 999 visitors

The children in FS2 have been learning about people who help us in an emergency. Some emergency workers came into school to talk about their jobs and show the children some of the equipment they use. The children even got to go in the back of the police van and try on some of the special clothes the emergency workers wear at work!

FS2 Magic and Mystery Day

On Friday, the FS2 children and grown ups came dressed up as their favourite magical creature to start their new topic of Magic and Mystery. During the day they did lots of magical learning including mixing different potions, riding round the classroom on a broomstick, making their hair stand on end, sticking a balloon to their head and Incy Wincy Spider Dough Disco!!! What a magical day....

Music Bugs

On Tuesday afternoon the children in FS2 took part in Music Bugs with Outreach workers from Aughton Early Years.  They had a fantastic time singing and playing musical instruments. Look at the photographs and see.......

Fun with the parachute

The FS2 children went into the Hall and had fun using the parachute. They had to work together as a team to keep the ball on top of the parachute! 

2019-2020 Welcome to our new children in FS2

The children in FS2 have settled into their new school and have made new friends. They are enjoying exploring the learning activities, both inside the classroom and in the outdoor area. The children are very busy learners......... take a look!

FS2 science morning

This morning the children in FS2 had a science morning linked to materials. They explored different materials to find out about their properties, predicted what would happen to different materials when they were put in water, found out about which materials were magnetic and sorted materials into two groups- natural and man-made. They were extremely busy with their learning but found time to have a snack stop with Mrs Hill.

Mini beast Hunt

FS2 started learning about mini beasts and went on a mini beast hunt around the school grounds. They visited the FS2 area, the school fields, the playground and the school garden to see which mini beasts they could find. The children spotted worms, slugs, spiders, a caterpillar and some wood lice that were hiding under a stone. They enjoyed themselves and could talk excitedly about what they had found. Their learning about mini beasts will continue back in the classroom. In maths they will make their own mini beasts using 2d shapes, make a mini beast or a mini beast hotel using 3d shapes and use symmetry to design and make their own butterfly. In science they will learn about the lifecycle of a butterfly when they listen to the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. The children will write an information page about their favourite mini beasts and write a recount about the mini beast hunt. We will do lots of creative activities linked to mini beasts- sewing a felt butterfly and decorating it so that it is symmetrical, making a clay tile imprint of mini beasts and paintings and collage pictures.

Starting this week, 2 children each week, will bring home the 'Let's Explore' science bags so that they can investigate the great outdoors whilst at home. The bag will contain lots of useful equipment such as magnifying glasses, collecting pots and dishes, binoculars, note pad and pencil and crayons and information books on mini beasts and birds and also a fiction book about mini beasts. The bags will be sent home on the Wednesday and need to be  returned after the weekend on the Monday so that we can check the bags to send out again on the Wednesday.

World Book Day

On Thursday, World Book Day, the children came dressed as forest creatures. They looked amazing!

FS2 Parent Creative Workshop


FS2 Parent Creative Workshop

To begin the learning in the Spring 2 term, it is the whole school Science and Book Fortnight and every class in school is linking their learning to the book 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward. 

 Today the FS2 children enjoyed spending time in the hall for the parent creative workshop, where they created a fantastic colourful bird and a set of leaves, one silver and one coloured for the FS2 tin forest. It was lovely to see those parents/family members who attended.

Happy Birthday to Mrs Hill

In the last week of the spring term, just before the February half term, the learning in FS2 was all about celebrations and in particular birthdays. This was in preparation for a surprise party that the children and FS2 staff held for a very special person- Mrs Hill, on the Friday morning. The children made sandwiches and fairy cakes to eat at the party and even made their own party hats to wear. Mrs Hill enjoyed the party and loved her cards and presents.

FS2's Chinese New Year Banquet

On Friday, as part of their learning about Chinese New Year, the children had a banquet. They tasted vegetable spring rolls, prawn crackers, noodles, sweet chilli sauce and soy sauce.  The children were dressed in red, orange and yellow and had a really good time!

Visit by South Yorkshire Police

As part of FS2's learning about the emergency services, three officers from South Yorkshire police came into school to talk to the children about their jobs. The children listened carefully and were really excited about dressing up as a police officer.

Visit by a paramedic

As part of our learning about '999 What's Your Emergency?' we had a visit from Emma who is a paramedic. She told us all about her job and how she helps people who have had an accident or are feeling unwell. She showed us some of the equipment she carries in her medical bag such as a stethoscope, a thermometer, an oxygen reading machine and a blood pressure machine. Emma said she likes her job because its different everyday and she never knows what she will be doing until the 999 call comes in. Some of us were lucky enough to dress up as a paramedic!

Reading Together

The children took part in a Reading Together session on Tuesday 23rd October. Many parents/carers and other family members came along to share a new storybook 'Little Monkey'. The story is about a little monkey who wants to be able to do what all the other monkeys do in the jungle. She goes on an adventure but there is a problem.... a large tiger is following her.

A visiting librarian from Rotherham came into school to take part in the FS2's reading session, reading the story to the children.

The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their new storybook with a grown up and making their own tree for our jungle on the wall display. Over the half-term break the children's Home Learning task is to make a monkey picture or model.

Look at the photograph of the display 'Sharing Learning' which shows the children's Home Learning- we were really impressed with all their monkeys!!!

Going on our Autumn Walk

  The FS2 children enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking for signs of Autumn.  They collected lots of different leaves and used them in their learning to create fantastic leaf print patterns and repeating patterns.

Fun with the Parachute

We had to move out of our classroom for the day so that the decorators could paint some of our classroom walls. We were very busy all day doing our learning in the school hall. At the end of the day we had a fantastic time using the large parachute. We worked together to play some parachute games.

Look at the photographs to see how much fun we had!!!



Welcome to our new FS2 children

Our new FS2 children are settling into school life at Whiston.The children are enjoying learning with their friends. They are all very busy.........


Maths Workshop

For more information and pictures follow this link Maths in FS2 and Year 1

FS2's new outdoor learning area

We are so excited now that our new outdoor learning area is finally complete and ready for us to use.  We have been exploring each area to see what is there and talking about our ideas for our learning.

Take a look at the photographs........