2019- 2020

Welcome to Whiston Junior and Infant School and Foundation Two. 

We have planned lots of exciting and challenging learning experiences for the FS2 children this school year.

The long-term plan overview will show you what learning projects and enquiry questions we aim to cover over the course of the year. We have also included brief details of visits, visitors and WOW days in school.

See below for the overview for FS2 2019-2020


Spring 2020

Spring 2

Welcome back and we hope you had an enjoyable half term break and the children are refreshed and ready to learn!

To begin our learning this term, it is our whole school Book and Science topic based on the stories from the Wild Tribe Heroes series 'Duffy’s Lucky Escape’, ‘Nelson’s Dangerous Dive’ and ‘Marli’s Tangled Tale’.

Our learning will explore the questions ‘How can we protect creatures living under the sea?’ and ‘What is Recycling?’

We hope you will be able to join us for our creative workshop on Wednesday 26th February at 2-3pm in the school hall, where you can share with your child some creative activities linked to the stories named above.

Our next mini topic is ‘Would you like a beanstalk growing in your garden?’ where the children will learn about plants and what they need to grow. They will be growing a selection of vegetables and may even get to taste some of them!

We will end the term by answering the questions ‘What are the signs of spring?' and 'How do you celebrate Easter?' which will end with an Easter egg hunt around our classroom and outdoor area.

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Spring 2, please click the link below.

Spring 1

Welcome back and Happy New Year to everyone!!! We hope everyone had a fantastic time but also found time to relax.

In FS2 this term we will start by learning about 'What is it like to live in a cold place?' We will be continuing our learning about the season of winter and its weather and how we can keep ourselves warm. In our learning we will be using the story'One Snowy Night' by Nick Butterworth and watching extracts from the story on DVD.

We will then move onto learn about Chinese New Year, which for 2020 is the year of the rat. We will learn how the Chinese New Year is celebrated around the world and we will even have our own Chinese banquet!! Our role play will become a Chinese Restaurant.

Our next learning question will be 'Would you like to be a superhero?' We will look at different superheroes and use the children's interests about them. We will design and make our own superhero masks and maybe our own superhero pants!!   To end the term we will look at the work of real-life superheroes- the 999 emergency services and how they help us.  We have planned for some 999 visitors to come into school to talk to the children about their jobs and how they help people.

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Spring 1, please click the link below.


Autumn 2019

Autumn 2

Welcome back to Autumn 2 which will no doubt be a busy term, with the run up to Christmas and all the exciting learning opportunities we have planned for the children.

Our main topic focus for the term is learning about ‘How do different communities use light and dark in their celebrations?’ We will look at celebrations such as Diwali,  Christmas and also learn about Bonfire Night and fire safety.

At the end of the first week on Friday 8th November, FS2 are beginnning their Magic and Mystery mini topic with a WOW dress-up day. The children (and staff!)can come dressed as their favourite magical creature. We will be asking the learning question ‘Which magical character would you like to be?'  Our learning will be linked to the Julia Donaldson books of 'Room on the Broom' and 'The Princess and the Wizard'. In the classroom the role play will be a Wizard and Witches Potion Workshop where the children can create all sorts of spells and potions in their cauldrons. So beware!! The small world will be based on The Room on the Broom, where the children can use the props to act out the story with their friends.

The whole school topic is based around the Michael Morpurgo book 'The Snowman' which is inspired by the original story by Raymond Briggs.

We will begin our Christmas celebrations, which will include a visit to watch the pantomime, Sleeping Beauty, at Rotherham Civic Theatre, the children performing their Christmas Nativity with the Year 1 children to parents/carers and other family members, a Christmas Party and a special visitor dressed in red and Christmas dinner celebrations wearing our Christmas jumpers!

If you wish to view our Learning Letter for Autumn 2, please click the link below.

Autumn 1

We would like to welcome our new children and families to Whiston and hope you have had an enjoyable summer break.

Starting school is a very exciting time but we appreciate it can be rather daunting as well, so if you have any questions please don't hesitate to speak to a member of the FS2 team.

Our first topic is “Who am I?” and we will be talking about what makes us all individual and special and our likes and dislikes. The children will be creating self-portraits and family pictures and talking about family life and special events.

 We will read familiar stories linked to families such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood.

We will learn about houses and homes and will read the story of the Three Little Pigs to help us to learn about the different materials houses can be made from.

We will also learn about Autumn by going on an Autumn walk around the school grounds and making collections of things we find on the ground. We will make Autumn pictures using what we have collected, Autumn threading with leaves and Autumn writing and drawing.

We also plan from the interests of the children and use our observations of the children's learning to inform planning.  

See our Autumn 1 Learning Letter below




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