FS2 latest news and letters

Sports and Well-Being Week 22-26 May

During the week the children will take part in a range of interesting and exciting activities.  Each day we will do the 'mile a day' challenge, where we will run, jog or walk around the school perimeter for 10 minutes. Your child will need to wear suitable footwear or have a pair of trainers or pumps to change into.

On Tuesday they will design and make a healthy animal face using a range of fresh fruit and rice cakes. They will then share their healthy snack with a member of the Year 1 class, who will also share their snack with them.

Please return the letter sent home by Monday 22 May, which outlines the foodstuffs the children can choose from and also that being used by the Year 1 children.

The week will finish with our FS2/KS1 Sports Day on Friday morning at 9.30am on the field- weather permitting of course!! Your child will have brought home a note telling you which colour team they are in- red, blue, green or yellow. If the children wish they can dress in sports clothes to match their colour team. Let's hope the weather improves and you can come along and support your child at their first Whiston Sports Day.


FS2 visit to Whirlow Hall Farm, Sheffield Tuesday 25th April.

The children will need warm clothes and sensible footwear such as sturdy boots or wellingtons. They do not have to wear school uniform for the visit.  Please remember to send your child with a packed lunch and a drink in an unbreakable container or order the sandwich option online for that day.  Remember if you want your child to have a stationary goodie bag from Whirlow, please send in £1.50 in a sealed envelope with your child's name on the front. 


School meal reminder 

Please remember that from Monday 24th April all school meals must be ordered online as we will no longer be able to order meals in class. If you haven't already got an account, please see the staff in the office. 


It was good to see so many parents/carers and other family members join us for Talk for Learning and the Book Trust launch of 'Kitchen Disco' by members of the Rotherham Library Service. 

The book is for your child to keep and enjoy with other family members.  The activity sheets we sent home with the Home Learning books will hopefully give you some inspiration!

A copy of the booklet 'Reading with Your Child' 4-6 year olds can be found in the list below.


Thank you to those parents/carers and family members who came into school for our Parent Workshop. The children and adults had lots of fun making scary wizard and witch faces and big black spiders!!


Friday 10th March is FS2's creative Workshop linked to Magic and Mystery. Come along at 2-3pm and work with your child in the Hall to create something magical!  Maybe a witch or a wizard's face? Or a black spider? Or even decorate a magic wand or a pair of Harry Potter glasses?


Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to the maths workshops.  From the comments made, they found them really useful and informative.  Parents commented "We do things like this at home but never reaslised it was maths!" We hope you find the ideas booklet on how to support your child with maths at home useful.

Maths is fun!: Wednesday 25th January we will be holding a Math's is fun workshop. There are two times that you can attend. The first session is 4.30pm - 5.10pm and the second session is 5.20pm - 6.00pm. If you are wanting to attend please sign up and return your slip. Please find attached below the resources used during the session.

Thank you to all those parents/carers and other family members who came to the Phonics Workshop with Mrs Lodge. We hope you found it useful.

Please click on the links to see the resources we use in school- any queries please pop in and see one of the FS2 team at the end of the school day.

The last week of the Autumn 1 term has been really busy in FS2!

On the Monday morning we had our first school walk around Whiston. We walked from school down to the barn and found out that there are lots of different houses  and homes in Whiston. We saw houses made from brick and stone, houses with roof tiles and the barn had a roof made of straw and this is called a thatched roof. The children were very well behaved, walking sensibly and crossing the roads safely with their adults.  Wee done FS2!

On the Tuesday morning we ventured out in the Autumn drizzle to look for signs of Autumn in and around the school grounds. We explored and found leaves of many different colours- brown, orange, red and yellow.  We collected lots of them and used them in our learning back in the classroom. Some of us made repeating leaf patterns, some of us wrote lists of things we see in Autumn and some of us chose to paint or draw Autumn pictures.

REMINDER- Alien Day in school on Tuesday 22nd November. Come dressed up as an alien for the day!  In the afternoon there will be an Alien Workshop with Alison Noble from Caterpillar Music in the school hall.