Talk for learning

Fairy Tale Day

Year 1 had an amazing day Friday 13th October. We decorated and made our class scare crow with fairy tale characters. We made magical wands and even had the chance to cook Snow White's poisoned apple cookies.

House types

After our lovely walk around Whiston, we discovered that there are lots of different types of houses. We've had a go at creating our own.


''A bungalow is special because it only has one floor.'' CS

''A castle can have pointy roofs.'' AN

''I've made a detatched house, it is all alone and has 2 floors.'' BS

Walk around Whiston

Year 1 had a fantastic time walking around our local area. We learned lots of exciting facts about Whiston and it's historical buildings. We even had chance to post our letters home.

School council elections

''I am helpful, trustworthy and a good role model to others.''

''I want to help make school better.''

''I want to have new toys for our playtimes.''

''I am kind and want to have new toys for wet playtimes.''

''I am friendly, caring and confident.'' ''I am not afraid to speak to teachers.''

''I am kind and helpful. I want to help people make friends.''

''I am helpful.'' ''I have respect for others.'' ''I am kind.''

''I am a good listener and I want to help school.''

''I want to help children who feel alone and also help children in other places too.''

''I am kind and caring. I want to make good changes.''

''I want to take care of people. I would like to help children who are knew to school.''

''I want to help children in other schools to have better things and make sure that no one is lonely.''

''I am good at sharing and caring.'' ''I have good respect for others and I am a good role model.''


Year 1 have been on an Autumn hunt. We explored the school grounds to see if we could see signs of Autumn.

What do you want to be when you are older?

We have been discussing what we would like to be when we grow up. Here are our ideas...

Google Earth - Whiston

Year 1 have loved exploring our local area Whiston by using Google Earth. It was amazing to zoom in closer and closer to see what palces we could visit.