Addition - number pairs

We also look at the related facts (subtraction) and how all these number sentences link together. We often put this into a part-whole model or bar model.


Sharing equally is something that can be practiced using practical equipment. Similiar methods can be used for multiplication.

Interactive Games

The children love using games on the iPad! EducationCity is a brilliant website for lots of games specifically targetted at certain age groups. Another brilliant website is Topmarks


Children need to be able to recognise and describe numbers up to 100 in Year 1. It is important that the children understand the value of those numbers and can also count in 2s 5s and 10s.


Challenge is always key. Don't be afraid to stretch your child and ask them more challenging questions. How your child how they got to their answer or make them prove it to you.


These are a brilliant tool to practice lots of different maths skills. Simply google ideas and the possibilities are endless.


This is a mathematical topic that lends itself perfectly to learning at home. Height, length, weight, volume, money and time are all subjects that can be brought into your child's everyday life.

Maths stories


Sorting, building, describing, naming.