Easter Egg Hunt

IT'S EASTER and the Easter Bunny has been! Year One had to solve different math problems to find their hidden eggs from the Easter Bunny. We had lots of fun and can't wait for the Easter Bunny to visit again.

Making A Jam Sandwich

We have been looking at algorithms (instructions) in computing and literacy learning. So we combined this with our food topic to make our own jam sandwiches. We found it very interesting and exciting when we had to debug our instructions so that we could follow them properly to make the perfect jam sandwich.

Planting our beans

Today we planted our broad beans that we have been growing. We had to carefully listen to special instructions from Mrs Fretwell on how to plant our broad beans. Hopefully we will start to see some beans growing soon and then we can have a go at cooking them and enjoy eating them.

Where does our food come from?

Year 1 explored where our food really comes from. We designed our own healthy meal and then looked at whether it is from an animal or made by a plant and we discovered that some foods are made using both animal and plant components.

Comic Relief 

The children had a fantastic day!  They tried lots of new activities and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  They ran 3/4 mile around the school perimeter, decorated a Red Nose biscuit, visited the Comedy classroom, bounced on mini trampolines in the Hall, learnt a new dance and joined in with the whole school Dancethon, watched a short clip which explained what Comic Relief is all about and created a Whiston Wish certificate of what they had done to make people smile.  Thank you for your generous donations towards our fundraising for Comic Relief.

Broad bean plants

UPDATE: Look at how big our broad bean plants are now?!?! 

A photographic diary of our broad bean plants. We're starting to see them grow now.

Zoo Lab Visit

We had some lovely creatures come and visit year 1, we thought it was ace!

Do plants need soil?

UPDATE: From our investigation we found that plants do not always need soil but they don't grow in everything.


Year one are conducting an experiment to see if seeds need soil to grow. We have planted cress seeds in lots of different things and made some excellent predictions about what might happen.

Cannon Hall Farm

Year one went on an exciting trip to Cannon Hall Farm, we saw lots of different animals and learned some fantastic facts about them.

Creative workshop - making a beanstalk


In computing we have been exploring algorithms and debugging code that we have inputted. We played a game where we had to give a robot specific instuctions to select different foods and then moved onto inputting code on the iPads using the box island app. 

The link for this app is below:


Our displays, can you see your learning?

World Book Day!

Our world book day was themed all around mystery and magical things.

Where does our food come from?

Spring 2: This half term we are developing our skills and knowledge about food.

We have enjoyed exploring our new Beanstalk restaurant, serving up gruesome foods and potions for the witches and wizards in Year 1.

Year 1 have enjoyed planting broad beans as part of their learning this week. We are looking forward to keeping our bean diary and seeing if any giants appear in our classroom.

Are animals different to humans?

Spring 1: This half term we have been looking at humans and animals.

To enhance our learning experience Year 1 will be going to Cannon Hall Farm March 10th to help our understanding of animals and humans.

We have been using the laptops and iPads to research information about our bodies using www.parkfieldict.co.uk/infant The children used QR codes to use the web page on the iPad and opened a document on the laptops to open a hyperlink. Fantastic computer work Year 1!


We have looked at sorting animals according to what they eat, we looked at carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We also discussed predators and prey.


Fruit Art - Where does our food come from?

We have been practicing our artistic skills in the style of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We watched a fantastic video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrHZL8pp--M all about the artists work and then we created our own images.

Have a go at creating one of your own using http://www.middlestreet.org/archim/archimframe.htm 

Penalty shoot out!

Today 13.02.17 the children took part in a penalty shootout. You did amazing Year 1!!


Today 01.02.17 the space dome came to visit Year 1. We had a great time learning about all the wonderful things in space.

We watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZ-qLUIj_A0 to learn facts about all the planets.

and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4dK_083LrA to learn about the size of planets, moons and stars.

Maths is fun workshop.

A few pictures of the activities at the maths is fun workshop.

"I didn't know maths could be so fun!" (Year 1 parent)

"I'm already doing some of this at home, I didn't know it was maths" (FS2 parent)

Below are the links to the different documents we used too.

Fairy tale day

Our fairy tale day was full of lots of fun activities. Including: searching for fairies and making fairy furniture, designing and creating our own shields and baking fairy cakes.

Year 1 learning