Y1 Gallery: Please take a look at our learning ...

Look at us counting

 In our maths lessons we have been learning how to count reliably.

We were given a number and asked to count out that many cubes. Some of us arranged the cubes in a line and said that made them easier to count. Some had a go at counting in 2's!

What counting superstars Year 1 are. Well done!

Computing- learning to use the track pad

In our computing lessons we have been using the laptops and learning to use the trackpad and buttons to move the cursor around the screen and selecting colours by double clicking the left button on the trackpack.

We used a website www.coloringpaintinggames.com to choose a picture. Then we had to choose the colours from the paint palette to make our picture match the coloured one on the screen. It was difficult to do at first but as we got used to the trackpad, it became easier. But Mrs Perry says we will need to keep practising to improve our control of the trackpad!

Maths in Y1

The children in Year 1 used the maths equipment to help them in their learning. They used the geoboards and elastic bands to create different sized 2d shapes. Using the plastic shapes they created their own pictures and patterns which tessellated. The children learnt about teen numbers using the tens and units apparatus. They used counting equipment to become reliable counters as they counted out the correct number of objects to match the number card.!

They had lots of fun in their learning.