What do plants need in order to grow?

We have planted cress seeds in a variety of different things. We will observe the cress seeds to see if they grow without soil.

Food Groups

We have explored and described where our food comes from. But how can we sort them?

Year 1 worked really hard sorting food into different groups. Some children chose to sort it by colour, some chose by size and some chose healthy and unhealthy. We then explored the 5 different food groups and tried to sort our food using those categories.

Labelling a plant

We have created some lovely plant collages using a variety of different things. After that we used our expert knowledge on plant parts and what they do in order to label them. 

Cannon Hall Farm

Year 1 had an amazing time at Cannon Hall Farm. During our trip we developed our knowledge about farm animals and how the farmers look after them. Then we learned how a cow is milked and why. We also has lots of fun watches the sheep and ferret races.


Year 1 have planted beans, raddish and spinach. We are going to carefully look after them and watch them grow recording what happens in a diary.

Science Workshop 

Year 1 loved having Mrs Woodward come and share some amazing science investigations with us. We were given the opportunity to explore different materials in a variety of ways.

Craft Workshop

Thank you to all who supported our class workshop. What amazing rain forests!