You should now be completing bookmark number 3!

Reading rewards

Each child has been given a reward bookmark. When your child has read at home and it has been recorded in their reading record we will give them a sticker. The reading that takes place does not have to just be reading the book that your child has taken home from school. It could be ebooks using bug club, your favourite book or even reading signs whilst shopping. However for your child to receive their sticker reward it must be written in their reading record for us to see. For each day that we have seen this evidence of reading at home we will award your child one sticker, date the sticker and tick the record. Please be aware that reading record books are not checked daily but will be checked when your child has read with an adult in school. The children will only get stickers to put on their reading reward bookmark for reading at home, not for reading in school.



To aid your child's progression in reading ensure you are asking questions about the story you have read. Attached are some ideas for questions you can ask.

File icon: pdf Year 1 Reading Questions bookmark [pdf 293KB] Click to download

100 book reading challenge

Below is a link to a document listing books that children can challenge themselves to read by the end of Year 2.


The children have the opportunity to access some of these books during literacy learning and in guided reading sessions at school. They are then expected to answer relevant comprehension activities on the book to show that they have understood it.


We are also allowing the children the opportunity to take these books home and lend them from school, just like a library service. The children will sign the book they choose out and then sign it back in once they have returned it. Some books may appear to be easy and others more challenging. Some books you, as the adult, may choose to read to your child and then discuss the story afterwards. Reading is not just about fluenty reading the story but is about understanding the words that have been read and taking pleasure in reading.

File icon: docx Year 1 book list [docx 5MB] Click to download

Education City

Education City is really easy to use and your child should know how to access different games. You are able to access Education City until 4.30pm unless you have a home licence then you will have unlimited access. To enquire about a home licence please see a member of staff in the office.

There are reading games on education city that link directly to the Year 1 curriculum and are good for the children to access independently.

Follow this link

Username:   firstname.lastname      (of your child)

Password: pupil