Josh Bear

Our class bear is called Josh Bear. Children are able to take Josh home on a Friday and return him by the following Wednesday. It is up to the children whether they would like to take photographs of what adventures they've been on or to draw some pictures. Children can then write some sentences about their fun time.

So much fun in the sun!

Clumber park was amazing!


Sleepover time

Fun in the snow!

Shop shop shopping!

 Such a busy bear

Will you find our hidden rock?

Cuddles and snuggles are just the best!

Getting my hair cut

Watching the ice hockey

Christmas fun

Christmas fair adventures.

Cuddles with Santa

Josh goes to the capital city.

Hanging upside down...

Someone turned 6! Birthday party it is.

Meeting baby brothers

Catching up on zzzzzzz and watching football

Exploring sundown adventure land

Fun at the play area

Even more playing and decorating

Playing and Decorating