In the Classroom

When we arrived at Sherwood Forest, Becky talked to us about what life was like in Medieval times.

The Knight Test

After the talk, we counted how long George could hold the sword for in one hand. We think that he would have made a great knight.

The Major Oak

Next, we learnt about the Major Oak. What an amazing tree it is!

Inside a tree

Later, we went inside an old, oak tree. Would you believe that six children could fit in together?

Relaxing in Sherwood Forest

As we waited to explore the forest further, we enjoyed sitting in the peaceful surroundings of the forest. 

Hugging a Tree

We made friends with an oak tree and we learnt that it took fifteen children to make a ring around the tree.

Creating a Woodland Image

After lunch, we used natural materials to create a woodland image.

What a great day we had in Sherwood Forest!

Finally, we travelled home tired but happy. We discovered what life was like in Medieval times and listened to tales of Robin Hood.