2017 - 2018

During your time in Year Two, you will be taught by two teachers. Mrs Thomson-Plant teaches at the beginning of the week and Mrs Woodward at the end of the week. Also the Teaching Assistant, Ms Moore, is here to support your learning.

Between the two of us, we have taught at Whiston Junior and Infant school for over 30 years within every year group. We both enjoy spending time with our young families.

In Year Two, you will be learning about many different topics such as: British music, Whiston, The Great Fire of London and significant British people. You will take part in educational visits such as: a walk around Whiston, a Great Fire of London dressing-up day and a visit to the seaside. One of the highlights of the year, is the Year Two Nativity performance at Whiston Parish Church.


If you wish to view our learning letter click on the link below.

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