Autumn 2

This half term we will be studying the Novel ‘Coming Home’ My Michael Morpurgo. We will also be looking at the country Greece as part of cultural week.


As Writers we will be writing non-chronological report about the information we have learnt about Greece. We will then move onto our novel study and linking it to a variety of different genres including; character and setting descriptions, recounts, reports and instru


As Mathematicians we will be continuing to develop our skills of multiplication and division and recapping  our learning on number and place value. We will be looking at fraction as well as adding and subtracting money and choosing appropriate instruments to measure.


As readers we will be encouraged to take home a book banded at the appropriate level, but also to choose a book at any level which we want to read.  These ‘free choice’ books are for parents to share with children, perhaps reading .


As designers we will be designing our own silhouette puppets based on the book coming home. We will also be designing and creating our own Christmas cards focusing on the robin from the book.


As Scientists we will study light and shadows learning about how we see objects and identifying sources of light, we will be investigating how shadows are formed in order to create our own puppet show. We will also be looking at animal nutrition and how it’s skeleton protects the main organs. 


As artists we will be trying to replicate some of Kerry Hyndman's art from the book coming home.


In Computing we will be learning about programming and using the software scratch.


As Geographers we will be continuing to learn to read maps, locating the world’s countries and linking this to bird migration and locating some of the different countries in Europe.


A sample of our fantastic learning this 1/2 term