The Journey of a Cocoa Bean

This half term we will be aiming to answer the question  ‘How far does a cocoa bean travel?’


As Writers we will be writing poetry based around the five senses and chocolate. We will write a non-chronological report on the cocoa bean trade. We will then be writing instructions on how to make a chocolate bar. Also we will begin to look at persuasive writing, focussing in on advertising our own chocolate bar creations. We will finish the half term by producing a recount in the style of a newspaper based on Charlie and the chocolate factory.


As readers we will be encouraged to take home a book banded at the appropriate level, but also to choose a book at any level which we want to read.  These ‘free choice’ books are for parents to share with children, perhaps reading .


As designers we will be researching and evaluating different types of chocolate and wrappers in order to help us design and create our own chocolate bars. 


As artists we will be developing our art skills using pastel by copying some chocolate bar wrappers. As well as using sketching and pen and ink to recreate some of the images from the popular book Charlie and the chocolate factory.  


In Computing we will be using publisher to create pur chocolate wrapper. 


As Geographers we will looking at where the cocoa bean comes from focusing on Peru  to understand geographical similarities and differences.


As Mathematicians we will looking at shape and  angles within packaging. We will also be looking at different tables and graphs to present data linked to our favourite chocolate. We will be using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to work out cost and profit linked to chocolate. We will finish the half term by answering our question of how far does cocoa bean travel? Using addition to calculate distance .