Does money make the world go round?

This half term we will be exploring the topic ’Does money make the world go round?’

As entrepreneurs we will be loaned £5 to launch our own business. Enterprise gives us an insight into how business works and helps us to build skills for the future, such as team work, problem solving, leadership, money management and creativity. The products the children make can be sold after school or at the Enterprise Fayre in the hall (Date tbc). More information will be given I week 3 when the £5 loan is given to the children.


As Writers we will be doing a  novel study on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. We will start by doing setting descriptions and then short stories. We will then be doing a letter recount about being evacuated and moving into a new home. Continuing the theme of recounts we will be writing a newspaper report on Mr Tumnus being arrested and turned to stone. We will finish the year with persuasive writing skills to encourage people to come along to our Enterprise Fayre and purchase our goods.


As Scientists the children will identify common appliances which run on electricity, construct electrical circuits and identify whether a circuit will work or not.

Our Computing this term will support our entrepreneurial skills as the children will be introduced to spreadsheets to track the income and expenditure of their projects and also use various programs to help with the production of our Christmas cards. 

As Mathematicians we will continue to look at the relationship between fractions and decimals,  exploring the formal methods of written strategies for all four operations and continuing our exploration of fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio and proportion.  Clearly our enterprise project will have a massive focus on money so that by the end of the year the children will have a very real feel for the value of goods.  


 Enterprise Fayre