Long Term plan 


Developing an ‘EPIC’ Approach to the Whiston J & I School Curriculum to inspire and equip learners for the 21st Century                


Whole school Events

Autumn 1



Autumn 2




Spring 1


Spring 2





Summer 1

7 Weeks



Summer 2

7 Weeks


Project & Enquiry Question

Project: This is me – Animals including humans /plants and living things


Enquiry question: Does difference really make a difference?


Enquiry question:  Why are my Granny’s hands wrinkly?


Enquiry question: Could Spiderman really exist?








Project: Mayans 


Enquiry question? The Mayans did ZERO for us!


Project: Linked to Rivers and the water cycle

Children to make waterwheels and models of the water cycle


Enquiry question: Where do the puddles in the playground go?


Project: Anglo Saxons



Enquiry question: Where the Anglo Saxons really smashing?





Project linked to Animals, including humans.



Enquiry question: Do all animals start life as an egg?


Project: Plants and living things


Enquiry Question: How did that blossom become an apple?



Space: linked to space Children to make their own telescopes and shadow clocks.


Enquiry question:  Will we ever put a man on the moon again?











Visit/visitorTheme Day:


Dance showcase day

Pantomime visit – whole school



Visit to the Shepherds Wheel

Possible Anglo Saxon trip


WOW DAY: Heart dissection


WOW DAY: working model of the human circulatory system


Visit to British Space Centre, Leicester depending on cost



Math Long Term Plan

This is an overview of what we will be doing in maths this half term. 

File icon: pdf Year 5 Mastery Term by Term Overview 07.04.16.pdf [pdf 508KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year-5-Full-Autumn-Term.psmall steps.pdf [pdf 15MB] Click to download