Our class sleepover 

Our class sleepover was a huge success and we all had lots of fun (and managed to get some sleep).

We spent the evening playing team games and then designing and building bridges linked to our half term topic- Brunel, watch out!

We then settled down to watch Harry Potter with lots of tasty snacks and a few teddy bears to keep us company. 

We'd like to say a big thank you to Miss Hunt, Mrs Angell and Mrs Hall for making it so much fun :)

Weston Park Museum

We had lots of fun on our visit to the museum, learning lots about Zeus and the tricks he played on his people. We helped build a giant model of the Parthenon and then learnt lots of new facts whilst exploring the different areas of the museum. 

Here are a few of our favourite facts: 

- Most Greek toys were made out of wood.

-A human flea can jump as high as a skyscraper (relative to its height)

-A polar bear can't be detected by heat sensors 

Our Greek home learning projects

Thank you so much for all the hard work and effort that everyone has put into their home learning. We have had a brilliant time listening to everyone present their work to the rest of the class and have all definitely learnt something new. Our Greek display will look wonderful!

Sport and Well-being week

From cooking and sharing healthy snacks to running a mile every day, we've had a brilliant time keeping ourselves fit, healthy and active this week. The sunshine helped too :) 

Our Summer displays

We have had so much fun over the past few half terms studying Harry Potter and learning lots about outer space. We are very proud of all the work displayed in the classroom. Here is a small taster. 

Science experiments

In year 5 we have been developing our planning skills and have carried out a number of fair tests. We have investigated whether different types of sugar dissolve at the same rate and which material is the best insulator to keep a potion warm.