Welcome to the Year 5 Curriculum

Welcome back everyone! I hope you have all had a fantastic summer break and have come back ready for

some exciting learning in Year 5.  During this half term a large emphasis will be placed on science. 

We will be describing the changes as humans develop from birth to old age and  explain the classification

of living things into broad groups according to common observable characteristics based on similarities

and differences, including plants, animals and micro-organisms.


As Readers, we will be reading, as a whole class novel, Wild Boy by Rob Lloyd Jones— a wonderful book

about a  boy that was held hostage in a Victorian freak show.  The children (and I!) are already hooked!              

As Writers, we will be using our transition topic of This is Me, and the wonderful family trees and

research you did over the summer to write our autobiographies. We will also use Wild Boy and a film called

‘Little Freak’ to help us look at difference and our attitudes to it. 

As Artists and Designers, we will be using a variety of media to create art work that represents our self.

As Mathematicians, we will be focussing on consolidating our understanding of place value and examining

strategies involving the four number operations.


As part of our Religious Education we will begin to

question the impact which the five pillars of Islam have on

Muslim childrens’ lives.

In Computing we will concentrate on the importance of

e-safety and will also use different applications on the

ipads to record results from our scientific investigations.


In P.E we will be covering tennis and rounders.


Useful information

This term PE days will be Monday and Tuesday We will be dong PE outside, please ensure your child comes in trainers on these days and brings a coat.


Homework will be given out on a Friday and will need to be returned by the following Wednesday, this will be predominantly  math homework and spelling to help children catch up on any missed learning.


Its going to be an action packed and challenging half term

And I can’t wait to see the children grow their brains!