Our topic during our return to school was Africa.  Year 5 took a slightly different slant on the topic, and studied the migration of swallows from England to Africa, taking in the sights, smells and sounds of all the countries they pass through on their journey.  We also studied apartheid and how modern technology helped to bring this to an end

As part of our topic on plants and living things, we looked at how Honey bees are key to continuation of all species.  We also disscected flowers to look at the reproductive structure of them and how they are pollinated.

We have been learning about the Huskar Pit Disaster, and the children have written some amazingly emotive pieces about the drowning of 26 children.  We have also written persuasive letters to Lord Shaftsbury, begging him for reform.  To compliment our writing, we used charcoal to draw miners going to work and recreated EdvardMunch's famous painting, The Scream in oil pastels.