2016 - 2017

Summer term

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. Now we’re back, we are ready to start our new topic linked to the circulatory system. We will conduct some of our own investigations around how exercise affects us and report these in a range of different ways. We will then move onto our main topic of Ancient Greece. Through lots of research and debates, we will aim to answer the question ‘would you rather be a Spartan or an Athenian?’ We will also begin rehearsing scenes, songs and dances for our end of year production- Pirate of the Curry Bean.

After the holidays we will begin our new topic linked to rivers. We will investigate how rivers travel, the main parts of a river and use maps and atlases to investigate rivers around the world. We will also study the work of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Towards the end of the half term children will also spend a few days getting to know their new class teacher as part of transition week.


Spring term

Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a well-earned rest. Now we’re back, this half term we will be having lots of fun focussing on our new topic of Earth and Space. We will conduct lots of research and investigations into phases of the moon, light and dark and the orbits of the planets. We will also have the wonderful opportunity to access a star dome which will visit school in February.

After February half term we will be taking part in lots of exciting learning activities linked to Book and Science fortnight and will follow a cross curricular approach to this. Throughout the half term we will also design and carry out a number of scientific investigations such as, “Could you survive in Professor Snape's potions class?” and “What would be the best material to use as an insulator to keep Mrs Denwood's cup of tea warm?”


Autumn Term 1

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a lovely Summer holiday and got plenty of rest ready for an exciting new year of learning. This half term our class will firstly be finishing off our fantastic topic on The Beatles. We will then be investigating our main question for the half term, ‘Could we become extinct like the dinosaurs?’ and there are lots of exciting activities planned. We will look in detail at the life cycle of different animals and will investigate the importance of the water cycle.

Autumn Term 2

Welcome back to a new half term in Year 5. I hope everyone is feeling refreshed and eager to learn after a week off. This half term we are investigating and exciting question: ‘What was life like as a Victorian trapper? ‘In order to fully understand the key elements of coal mining, we will be visiting the National Coal Mining museum. As historians we will consider what life was like for both rich and poor Victorian children and we will experience a day in a Victorian classroom. During the Christmas period we will also produce a creative piece of festive writing and will visit the pantomime as part of a whole school trip.

Please see the curriculum map below for more details of the exciting learning this half term.