Welcome back

Happy new school year! Welcome back! We hope everyone had a lovely summer holiday and are ready for the new challenges of year 6!

We have an exciting term planned for the children learning all about WWII, including an exciting workshop in school and a themed learning day. We also have a residential trip to Kingswood and a visit to Crucial Crew at Hellaby planned, all in the first term. We hope you're as excited as we are. 

Our learning this term

For the first few weeks back we will continue our transition topic linked to Africa. We will finish reading our first class novel, Journey to Jo’burg, and will reflect on the experiences of the main characters. We will also deepen our understanding of the effect of apartheid in South Africa.

Week 3 will see us head off on our exciting residential to Kingswood. The week will be packed full of exciting activities which will involve teamwork, risk-taking and developing self-confidence. We will then build on these essential skills throughout the rest of the year.

After our residential, we will then move onto our main topic for the remainder of the term: World War II. During this term, a large emphasis will be placed on history. We will seek to understand the effect that war had on a range of different people and will also create a detailed timeline of the key events from the outbreak of war to the end of the war. We will reflect on the impact that Winston Churchill had on the lives of people in Britain both during and after World War II. We will also take part in a fascinating workshop involving an investigation into the life of Anne Frank and linking this to discrimination today.

As Scientists we will make predictions and explain physical processes in areas such as forces and link this to designing and making our own parachutes. We will work in groups to design, test and evaluate our parachute, thinking carefully about the different forces at work. As Artists and Designers, we will refresh and develop our skills in pencil and watercolour. Our art work will firstly focus on recreating famous South African art before then being centred around portraits of Winston Churchill.

As Writers, we will be investigating the structure of writing recounts, persuasion and explanations and will apply a cross-curricular approach to create imaginative pieces of work for a range of audiences.

As Mathematicians, we will be focussing on consolidating our understanding of place value and examining strategies involving the four number operations. We will also begin to handle fractions, decimals and percentages in a ‘real life’ context.

As part of our Religious Education we will begin to consider the question: “Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?”