Home learning explained

Very soon, you'll be starting your new adventures at secondary school. We want to make sure that you take all your wonderful knowledge and skills with you and show your new teachers what resilient, creative and passionate learners you are. Everyone has been sent home with a pack of activities for you to work through while you are at home. Along with these were a list of websites and links to interactive games (Mrs Denwood has already been inundated with emails about the number of children who have made a start on Prodigy - well done if that it you :) Try to have as much fun with your learning as you can. You might even me able to teach your grown ups something new. The links below are the ones we sent out in your learning packs, plus a few extra ones. 

File icon: doc home learning task grid.doc [doc 34KB] Click to download
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We have covered the majority of the year 6 maths curriculum, so below are some useful revision powepoints that cover all the key objectives. Why not work through one objective evey day then complete the quiz questions. Remember- you could even pretend to be a 'teacher' yourself :) The powepoints will also help you if you get stuck answering one of the questions in your Maths pack. 

We've attached a live copy of the Spring themed maths pack that was sent home in your packs, along with the answers for you to check your hard work. 

Below are also some really fun and useful webiste for you to access. Why not complete the Corbett Maths 5-a day questions for 15 minutes every day? 

TT Rockstars - https://ttrockstars.com/  Login in using your username and password.


Corbett Maths- https://corbettmathsprimary.com/   This is a fantastic resource with videos, quizzes, 5-a-day questions and answers. No sign in required.


Prodigy maths- https://play.prodigygame.com/ - This is a fun game that will let you apply lots of your maths knowledge. Log in with your username and password. Year 6 – this is the game that you LOVED when we showed you in class.


Hit the button - https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button Another fun game that will aid your rapid recall of key facts.

File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Addition and Subtraction Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 2MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Algebra Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Maths Mastery Y6 Fractions Decimals and Percentage Revision Guide.pptx [pptx 5MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Measurement Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 5MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Multiplication and Division Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 3MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Number and Place Value Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 3MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Position and Direction Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 3MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Properties of Shape Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 6MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Ratio and Proportion Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 7MB] Click to download
File icon: ppt Maths Mastery Y6 Statistics Revision Guide.ppt [ppt 11MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Twinkl activity booklet.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Activity booklet answers.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf The Mystery of The Missing Knight St. Georges Day Maths Mystery Game.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download


We have all thoroughly enjoyed our reading sessions this year. The questions you have posed about our class novels have generated so many though-provoking discussions and we hope you will be able to continue to grow your love of reading at home. The two websites below should help with this: 

EPIC books - https://www.getepic.com/sign-in Sign in using your class code (vkp6656). We have assigned you some books however, search for books that are of interest to you too.


Read theory- https://readtheory.org/ - Login using your username and password to complete a range of online quizzes.


Don't forget as well that you can all complete your 'Goodnight Mr Tom' home learning project. You can now make it even more creative and inspiring than you first intended. You've also got lots of comprehensions in your CGP books to complete and can mark the answers yourself using the mark scheme. 


Creative writing has no limits! All you need is a pen/pencil and something to write on. Sometimes,writing for a purpose is the easiest thing to do.So have a go at some of these:

  • Keep a diary for 5 minutes every day. It can be something you read back to yourself in the future to remember these 'interesting' times. 
  • Write a recipe book containing all your favourite recipes. You might even be able to make some of these at home with your grown up
  • Write a letter to one of your classmates, parents, grandparents, auntie, uncles,  cousins, teachers

Or use the webites below to inpsire you to write something creative based on an incredible image. 


Pobble365- http://www.pobble365.com/ - This generates an incredible picture every day. Use the story starter or sentence challenge to generate some wonderful pieces of creative writing.


Once Upon a Picture - https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/ - The images on here are wonderful and cover a range of different areas. Again, use these to inspire some creative writing. 


Spelling frame- https://spellingframe.co.uk/ This can be used to revise spelling rules and play games to help you remember the spelling patterns.


Below are lots of other websites and resources that cover a range of different areas.


Classroom Secrets Kids- https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/home-online-learning/ You have the option of signing up for a free trial. However, at the bottom of the page we have also uploaded the pack. Try to complete one maths sheet and one SPAG sheet every day. The answer booklet is attached too (but no peeking!)


Twinkl - https://www.twinkl.co.uk/   This is usually a subscription only resource however, can be accessed for free using the code UKTWINKLHELPS. Parents/carers will need to set up an account using their email address. It is full of resources, sheets and powerpoints linked to all areas of the curriculum. Have fun exploring all the different areas. 


Kahoot- https://kahoot.com/schools-u/ Sign up for free using your own email address and password. Search for an area of interest to you and complete the quizzes.


Diagnostic questions- https://diagnosticquestions.com/  We have uploaded a range of quizzes on here for you to complete online. Login using your username and password.


We have also uploaded another learning pack which is full of ideas and investigations covering all the subject areas- science, history, geograhy, art, computing, pe. Try to complete one activity per day. 

File icon: pdf Curriculum home learning pack.pdf [pdf 22MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Classroom secrets answers (no peeking).pdf [pdf 564KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Classroom Secrets pupil pack.pdf [pdf 2MB] Click to download

Keeping active 

Keeping your mind and body active is arguably one of the most important things we can all do at the moment. 

At 9am every morning, Mrs Denwood and Mrs Francis (whether they are at home or at school) will be tuning in to the Joe Wicks Youtube account to take part in his 30 minute workout. Wouldn't it be brilliant if you all joined in too? Then we know that, for half an hour every day, we are all together doing the same thing. 


Go Noodle- https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=gonoodle This is filled with hundreds of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos.