Rain Forest Animals


Gorillas eat mostly leaves, fruit and bark. Gorillas live usually live high up in the trees.



Black Caiman

They are found in South America. They will eat fish, birds, turtles and other animals too. They live near the rivers and streams.

Boa Constrictor

They like to eat birds and small animals like mice. They are don’t just live in the rainforest but live other places too.


Parrots eat fruit, nuts and seeds. They usually live in the trees.


Jaguars are found in South America and MexicoThey eat smaller animals such as turtles and deers.



A toucan is a type of bird. It lives in South America and other rainforests. It usually eats fruits and small insects.


Blue Morpho Butterfly

These butterflies are usually found in South America and some parts of Mexico. They like to eat rotting fruit.



A piranha is a type of fish. They eat smaller fish. They can be found in the rivers and streams in South America.


Red Eyed Tree Frog

This frog is usually found in South AmericaMexico and other places. It is not poisonous. It usually eats insects but will sometimes eat smaller frogs.


Rainforest song