Family craft afternoon

We all thoroughly enjoyed our family learning afternoon creating Mayan masks. Thank you so much to all the parents and grandparents who were able to make it. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the masks look incredible. We can't wait to paint them and display them in the classroom. Watch this space...

Microbiology day

The class had so much fun and learnt lots of wonderful new facts, thanks to Dr Mclean. Looking under the microscope and swabbing different areas of the school were amongst the highlights.


We are all incredibly proud of how hard the children worked for their SATS - during both the run up and the week itself. Each and every one of them gave 100% and tried their best. Thank you for all the support given to them at home. They had a lovely afternoon celebrating and baking buns on Thursday and we are looking forward to lots more exciting activities next half term. Well done Year 6!