Welcome to the Year 6 Curriculum

Welcome back everyone! We hope you have all had a wonderful Summer and have come back ready for some exciting learning in Year 6. For the first few weeks back we will begin our transition topic linked to ‘This is me’. We will start reading our first class novel, Wonder and will reflect on the experiences of the main characters. We will also deepen our understanding of diversity within the UK and encourage an acceptance that we are all different.

After our transition learning, we will then move onto our main topic for the remainder of the half term: Vikings. During this term, a large emphasis will be placed on history. We will develop a secure chronological knowledge and understanding of British, local and world history. We will consider why the Vikings came to Britain, how they travelled and where they first raided. We will then discover more about their day-to-day routine by investigating how they lived and worked. 

As Scientists we will deepen our understanding of evolution and inheritace by examing how charatertics are passed between generations. We will explore the work and finding of Charles Darwin and will conduct our own “finches” investigation to further our understanding of natural selection.

As Artists and Designers, we will refresh and develop our skills in pencil drawing as we discover how the Vikings used symbols and

Norse patterns to decorate their jewellery and weaponry.

As Writers, we will be investigating the structure of writing poetry, autobiographies, non-chronological reports and recounts and will apply a cross-curricular approach to create imaginative pieces of work for a range of audiences.

As Mathematicians, we will be focussing on consolidating our understanding of place value and examining strategies involving the four number operations and applying these to real life scenarios through the use of word problems and interpreting tables. We will continue to use TTRockstars and will introduce ‘Take 3’ - a new morning starter initiative to be trialled until Christmas. We hope it

will really get your brains working and encourage you to reflect on your learning from last week, last term and last year. As part of our Religious Education we will begin to consider the question: “Can Christian Aid and Islamic Relief change the world?”

In Computing we will concentrate on the importance of e-safety and will also use different applications on the ipads to record  results from our scientific investigations.

Personal safety -This will be an important part of our Autumn term learning and will be complemented with a visit to Crucial Crew. Within this topic we will be looking at many aspects of safety including how to keep yourself safe at home, on the internet and on the road.


File icon: pub Autumn 1 curriculum map.pub [pub 83KB] Click to download

Long term plan 2020/21

Year 6 Autumn 1 Spellings

You have all been given a spelling booklet containing all the spellings for this half term. Each Thursday, you will be asked to apply these in sentences. Don't forget to choose a different activity to complete at home each week to support your retention of these words. 


Below you will also find the Year 5/6 statutory word list. We will be encouraging you to start including these words in your writing, so try to keep referring to this to support your learning. 

File icon: pdf Term 1A.pdf [pdf 646KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf statutory word mat.pdf [pdf 33KB] Click to download