Senior School Administrator

Mrs Lilleyman is the Senior School Administrator

Mrs Lilleyman joined school in 2015 and her role includes all communication links (e.g. telephone, letters, emails etc.) between visitors and school including parents, children, health, social and other educational professionals. She also leads and organises all the administration within school for example: school meals, uniform and request forms.

Mrs Lilleyman is also a Lunchtime Playground Supervisor and is the School's Clerk to Governors.

She enjoys retail therapy and going to the gym.

School Business Manager

Mrs Furness is the school's Business Manager.

Mrs Furness is also our Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

Mrs Furness joined school in 2009/10 and her role in school includes leading and managing the school building and premises, the school budget and ordering classroom resources etc. 

She enjoys knitting, reading and travelling.



School Site Supervisor & Caretaker

Mr Hartland is the school's caretaker

His role includes checking for safety across all areas of school. This includes daily risk assessment checks of the external and internal premises including the children's climbing areas; the testing of all the emergency alarms and electrical resources and the maintaining of the general school environment for safety, reliability and cleanliness.

He supports and follows Rotherham United and enjoys looking after his cat, Salem.