Vision and Values:

Our vision for Whiston J & I School is one of high standards achieved through the creative nature of the curriculum offered. We have a learning culture of high and realistic expectations of everyone, children and adults alike.

We value the active participation in learning has being crucial. We plan for children to be curious, creative, resilient, collabrative,active, independent and reflective and not simply, recipients of knowledge.  Children are not seen as vessels to be filled. We provide opportunities for divergent thinking, creative problem solving in order to promote resilience, confidence and collaboration.

There are many aspects of the educational process that we judge to be our core values, views that we hold with a passion about children’s education.

These include:

  • High expectations for every child to achieve their full potential, whatever their circumstances, by encouraging them to be curious about the world around them to build the foundations for learning and for success in life;
  • An ethos that nurtures, cares and provides a safe and secure learning environment for all children.
  • School visits, as they play a vital role in providing children with first hand experiences of the topics being studied;
  • The richness and diversity of experiences both within and outside the curriculum offer opportunities for success, independence and well developed self esteem and confidence for all children;
  • A high quality learning environment where the display of children’s work is paramount. This develops an ethos of high expectation and helps promote a sense of pride and achievement.
  • A school that builds strong partnerships with families and the wider community.
  • The promotion and the development of tolerance and respect for others, valuing all regardless of gender, religious belief and ethnicity to ensure that all learners have equality of opportunity.


The school aims to provide quality education for children between four and eleven years of age.

Our aim is to provide high standards of teaching and learning through:

  • A rich, broad, balanced and creative curriculum which sustains the engagement of all learners.
  • Operating an environment which is safe, healthy, caring and supportive for everyone.
  • Encouraging self reliance and pride in all achievements.
  • Developing learning skills and a love of learning, including the ability to question, enquire and be independent in their approach to learning.
  • Promoting the development of tolerance and respect for others, regardless of race, creed or gender and ensure that all learners have equality of opportunity.