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The Internet offers a wide range of tools and resources to help you with your learning at home. 

Why not use your curiosity to explore some of these websites and see what more you can learn and how you can be even more creative:


Audio books

  • Audible - Amazon have cancelled subscription charges for books and audio stories for children and students of all ages, for as long as schools are closed. Young people can instantly stream an incredible collection of stories, including titles across six different languages. All stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • David Walliams - David Walliams has released his audio books for free. The daily treat is called Elevenses; children and grown-ups can tune in every morning at 11.00am.
  • Virtual Book Club  - Coventry Schools Library & Resource Service are running a Virtual Book Club & also have further resources on their webpage


  • The Kids Should See This - Wide range of educational videos
  • Toy Theater - Educational online games
  • Cbeebies Radio - Listening activities
  • Ted Ed - A range of engaging educational videos
  • The Imagination Tree - Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest
  • Paw Print Badges - Free challenge packs and other downloads. Indoor and outdoor
  • Mystery Science - Free science lessons
  • Big History Project
  • Phonics Play -  Free phonics resources/games 
  • Big Eyed Owl -  Books, songs, recipes, science activities for Early Years 
  • Teach -  classroom resources for KS1 & KS2 in art & design, Computing, Geography, Media studies, Maths, PE & many more 
  • Learn English Kids - support from the British council including games, how to videos, craft pintables, flashcards & colouring pages, vocabulary, songs & stories & much more 
  • ICT games - free educational games made by a UK teacher 
  • DKfindout! -  Explore many different categories including: Animals & Nature, Earth, English, Human Body, History & many more. Also quizzes, videos & fun facts. 
  • Book Trust - Stories, quizzes, activities, recipes and Rhymes 
  • Cbeebies - Early years games & activities 
  • Crayola - Colouring pages & crafts 
  • Mrs B - A Primary School Teachers Twitter page for STEM - Great ideas including: Making a tornado in a bottle, unpoppable balloon & how to grow a rainbow


Rockstar Maths

Practice your times table with rockstar maths

Simply follow this link Rockstars

Enter your username > (your child will know this)

Enter your password > (your child will know this)


Hit the Button

Follow this link Hit the Button to practice number bonds, times tables, divison facts and more.

Education City

EducationCity provides engaging, educational teaching resources for primary schools. Please ask Mrs Finney in our school office if you would like an annual 'subsidised' subscription. Follow the link below if you have your log in details:

Click on the links below to help you with your home learning.

Help yourself with Literacy

Click on the link below to login to your free 'Bug Club' membership and read books online

Woodlands is a great site for home learning topics. Click on the link here: 


Roald Dahl Logo

Try the site below if you want to find out more about Roald Dahl or you enjoy his stories:


Try the following fabulous sites below to help you practice reading, writing and spelling.

1.  Starfall (

Reading practice is important and Starfall has a wide range of stories, activities, and games that will keep students interested.

2.  Spelling City (

Make spelling practice fun with the games, activities, and tools available on Spelling City.  It is a great resource for parents, teachers, and students alike.

3.  CryptoKids (

Join the National Security Agency’s CryptoKids as they work through codes and ciphers.  Children can even make their own codes and play games and activities.  It is a great way to practice math.

4.  FunBrain (

Learning games galore for your elementary age students.

5.  BBC KS2 Bitesize (

Help yourself with Numeracy
Helpful Science sites
Helpful computing sites

Top Tips on how to stay safe on the Internet:

Develop your computing skills further - but remember KEEP SAFE!

  •  Dance Mat Typing - practise your typing with this enjoyable site. 
  • Senselang Typing - a simple, but very effective, way of improving your typing skills. 
  • Gridclub Cybercafe - learn how to stay safe when using different forms of technology. 
  • Welcome to the Web - if you're new to the Internet, this handy guide will teach you all you need to know. 
  • Yahooligans - a child-friendly search site. 
  • Ask for Kids - The children's version of Ask. Very useful. 
  • Picsearch - use this site to search for pictures. It's much safer than Google Images, but remember that you still need to take care when searching for images online. 
  • FactMonster - If you need to do research about a topic, FactMonster is a good place to try. 
  • Freefoto - a great site to find photos to use in your school projects.
  • Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share 
Helpful History sites
  • Snaith Primary School - This school website has a huge range of information about different periods in time. Well worth a look! 
  • BBC History - Use the resources on this site to find out all about History!
Helpful Geography sites 
  • Google Earth - an incredible resource which can be downloaded for free. Which famous places around the world will you visit? 
  • Google Maps - try comparing the satellite view with the map view. Can you see your house? 
  • Street Map - can you find your house and your school, and then follow your route between them?
  • BBC Geography - A huge range of activities and games to develop your knowledge of the world.
  • Walmer Web - find out more about our local area at this useful site. 
Helpful French sites
  • BBC Primary French - Use the activities and resources on this site to develop your language skills.
Helpful P.E.
Helpful Art site
  • ArtPad - express yourself with this online painting machine. 
Helpful Music sites 
  • BBC Music - A selection of activities to develop your child's musical skills. 
  • Making Tracks - Use these interactive tools to create your own musical compositions. It's great fun! 
  • Virtual Keyboard - Play some great tunes using this fantastic online keyboard.
Help your child with Early Years skills
Early Years


Learning Logs - our style of home learning

To see other children's examples of Learning Logs please follow the link below:


We try to check these sites regularly. However, if you come across a link which no longer works, please email: to let us know. Thanks!


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