All About Me 

Mrs Lodge and Mrs Perry are busy working on your Records of Achievement to let your grown ups know all about your learning in FS2.

So we thought your learning for the first week after Easter, could be all about the person you know most about-YOU!

We have sent a catch-up letter to your grown ups and either Mrs Lodge or Mrs Perry will be giving you and your grown up a telephone call during the week (20th-24th April) to catch up with you and to see how all of you at your house are doing. We are really looking forward to finding out what you've been up to since we last saw you.

We have also sent by email, to your grown up, three booklets for you and them to use at home. They include lots of exciting and fun maths activities to do whilst you are at home and whilst you are out and abut on your daily walk. Have at look at the booklets and have a go at some of the activities. Have fun!!  

Let's Keep Active

Keeping your mind and body active is arguably one of the most important things we can all do at the moment. 

At 9am every morning, the teachers (whether they are at home or at school) will be tuning in to the Joe Wicks Youtube account to take part in his 30 minute workout. Wouldn't it be brilliant if you all joined in too? Then we know that, for half an hour every day, we are all together doing the same thing. 


Go Noodle- This is filled with hundreds of ‘brainercise’, dancing, strength and mindfulness videos.


For the activities outlined below, there are sheets which you can download and print off in the list at the bottom of the page, for your child to use or just to give you some ideas (S)


Why not have a go at designing and building your own abstacle course in the garden.

Use your outdoor toys and play equipment and other things you may have indoors or already in the garden, shed, garage. Make sure you check with your grown up first, maybe you could ask them to join in! (S)


All About Me

What have you most enjoyed learning about in FS2? (S)        What have you particularly enjoyed? (S)

Friends are important. Who are your friends at school?         What makes them a good friend? (S)

At school we spend alot of time learning in our outdoor area.

Can you design a new FS2 outdoor area. Draw a picture and add labels.

Maybe make your design using construction e.g. Lego, Stickle bricks, wooden blocks etc. (S)

Do you have  a pet or pets at home? Draw a picture and write about your pet(s). (S)

If we could have a class pet, what would you choose? 

Draw a picture of it and write why it would make a good class pet. (S)

Reading- Listen to pet stories by Julia Donaldson. Find these stories on You Tube.

(a) Paula the Vet

(b) The Odd Pet

(c) Cat Naps

Using the idea of the Odd Pet, can you make a new odd pet  of your own?

Draw a picture of it and write labels to describe it. What would you call it? (S)






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