All About Me 2

All About Me- maths

Let's have a go at measuring with our bodies!

We can measure using our hand span. Make a paper handspan by drawing around your stretched out hand and cut it out. 

What can you measure that is longer than, shorter than and about the same size as your hand span? (S)

We can also measure with our foot spans (heel to toe).

Can you measure how long your bedroom is by counting how many heel to toes you do from one side to the other?

How long is your living room? Your garden? (S)

Look at the different shoes of the people in your house. Are they all the same size?    Why?

Make a collection of different sizes of shoes, boots, slippers etc.

Can you order them by size? Whose shoes are the largest? Whose are the shortest? (S)

Collect together some of your toys, such as your dinosaurs, teddy bears, dolls, play people.

Can you order them by size or height? (S)






File icon: docx Measuring using hand spans.docx [docx 42KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Measuring using foot spans and ordering.docx [docx 88KB] Click to download
File icon: docx Toys and measuring.docx [docx 136KB] Click to download