Healthy Eating and Living

Hi everyone!

We are continuing to learn about keeping healthy and reading the story, Oliver's Vegetables | Madeleine Lindley LtdOliver's Vegetables. 

You can listen to the story here:


There are many activities for you to have a go at, the ones that can be done on a printable sheet are provided and marked below (S):

  • Talk to a grown up about what happened in the story. What happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end? Which part was your favourite? Why?
  • Can you draw a picture of your favourite part in the story and write about it?
  • If you visited Oliver’s grandad’s garden, which vegetables would you choose. Draw a picture and describe your vegetable(s).
  • Can you write a shopping list of the vegetables Oliver found in his Grandad’s garden? What other vegetables can you add to the list? (S)
  • Some of you are growing your bean plants or looking after other plants you have planted. It is hard work looking after a vegetable patch. Draw and label some pictures to show what you think Oliver’s grandad had to do to grow his vegetables.
  • Vegetables come in many different colours. Can you make a vegetable colour list? Green- cabbage, peas, broccoli Red- beetroot etc
  • Vegetables come in all different sizes. Collect some vegetables if you have any at home- talk to a grown up about the size of them. Which is the largest? Shortest? Tallest? Heaviest?  Lightest? Are there any which are about the same size?
  • Cut out the vegetables e.g carrots and order the, by size. What words can you use to describe them? Why have you ordered them like you have? (S)
  • Is it healthy or unhealthy? Look at the PowerPoint in the list below. Can you sort the foods and activities?
  • Healthy Eating and Living board game. (S)
  • It is important to eat healthily. Can you sort the different foods onto the green, amber or red plates? Which foods should we eat a lot of, eat sometimes or only eat a little of? (S)
  • What is your favourite meal? Draw a picture and either label the foods or write about it. (S)
  • Which foods and drinks do you have in a day? Complete the healthy living diary. (S)
  • I Spy and Count- can you have a go at counting how many vegetables altogether? Use the check list sheet as well (S) (S)
  • Keep healthy by being active, can you have a go at the Fitness Challenge? How many of the activities can you complete? For the activities with a partner, do this with someone who lives in your house. (S)
  • Keep on moving! have a little boogie to- Vegetable Song- The Singing Walrus
  • Oliver’s vegetables counting sheet. Have a go at counting and write the number. (S)
  • Don’t forget, we can count ANYTHING! So make sure that you practise counting reliably and have a go at writing the numerals 1-20, too. (S) (S)
  • Can you go on a Letter Scavenger Hunt outside and find lots of different things beginning with letters q, r, s t, and u? 


  • The exciting phonics lessons that you can watch on YouTube each morning Monday-Friday are continuing this week. We know you will join in and show your grown-ups, brothers, and sisters just how clever you are!


  • Have a go at some Dough Disco- the link for the YouTube page is on the home learning page under useful websites. If you do not have any playdough, have ago at making some following the simple recipe at the bottom of the Home Learning page


Just a quick note- the free access to Education City expires on 19.5.20

Keep safe, keep smiling and enjoy your learning!

Lots of love 

Mrs Lodge, Mrs Perry, Mrs Green, Mrs Hill and Mrs Mercer xxx

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