Reading at Home

Another free reading resource is   If you are not yet familiar with our service, Sooper Books is a trusted online library for 4-12 year olds bringing award-winning children's stories to schools and families across the UK at the touch of a button. Our service is currently being used by thousands of Families, Schools and Councils across the UK.

***In light of recent events we are making ALL content on our site completely free of charge for the foreseeable future***

Epic books is an online reading resource which the children and parent\carer can access at home through the following website


Use the Class code yrd7859

Click on your child’s name.

Click on the explore, read to me and Audibooks tabs to select a book.

Happy reading!!!

(Download the guide below for more information)


*We have read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Can you retell the story to a grown up?

Can you sequence the events in the story using the pictures in the document list below?

The ebook we read at school is in the list below so you can download.

File icon: ppt Jack and the Beanstalk Story Book.ppt [ppt 6MB] Click to download
File icon: doc J&B_pics_for_sequencing_large[1].doc [doc 1MB] Click to download
File icon: docx Guide to logging onto EPIC.docx [docx 2MB] Click to download