Teddy Bear's Picnic


Hello everyone

We hope you had an enjoyable half-term break.


Our learning  continues this week and it is all about bears!

Our story is ‘It’s the Bear!’ by Jez Alborough

You can listen to the story here:



There are many activities for you to have a go at, the ones that can be done on a printable sheet are provided and marked below (S):

  • Talk to a grown up about what happened in the story. What happened at the beginning, in the middle and at the end? Which part of the story was your favourite? Why?
  • Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story and write about it?
  • If you had been Eddy hiding in the picnic basket, what might you have said to the gigantic bear? Write a speech bubble. (S)
  • Have you got a favourite teddy bear? Draw a picture of it and write labels or write sentences to describe your bear.
  • Imagine if your teddy bear went missing…..  make a poster to let people know what he/she looks like. (S)
  • Design a new teddy bear, use coloured crayons, paint…whatever you want! (S)
  • Shape bear- use the 2d shapes to make a bear (S)
  • Bears come in all different sizes, cut out the bears and order them by size. Talk to a grown up to explain how you’ve ordered them. What words can you use to describe the bear’s sizes. (S)
  • How many bears? A subtraction game up to 20 (S)
  • Subtraction word problems. How will you work out the answer? (S)
  • Teddy bear dot to dot puzzles, 1-10, 1-20 and 1-52!          Make sure you join up the dots in the correct order! (S)
  • Don’t forget, we can count ANYTHING! So make sure that you practise counting reliably and have a go at writing the numerals 1-20.
  • Can you go on a Letter Scavenger Hunt outside and find lots of different things beginning with letters v, w, x, y and z?  This is a bit tricky!!!
  • Teddy Bear pencil control- trace over the lines carefully (S)




  • If you were having a Teddy Bear’s picnic at home, which food and drinks would you want to make a healthy picnic lunch?  Can you write a shopping list of what you would need to buy? (S) (S)
  • Who would you invite to your Teddy Bear’s picnic? Write an invitation (S)
  • What games and activities would like to do at the picnic? Use the teddy bear's picnic bordered paper. (S)
  • Teddy Bear spot the difference pictures. Look carefully to find the 10 differences between the pictures (S)


  • The phonics lessons that you can watch on YouTube each morning  Monday-Friday are continuing this week. We know you will join in and show your grown-ups, brothers, and sisters just how clever you are!


  • Have a go at some Dough Disco- the link for the YouTube page is on the home learning page under useful websites. If you do not have any playdough, have ago at making some following the simple recipe at the bottom of the Home Learning page


Keep safe, keep smiling and happy learning!

Lots of love 

Mrs Lodge, Mrs Perry, Mrs Green, Mrs Hill and Mrs Mercer xxx

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File icon: pdf bears for size ordering.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download
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