Summer 1 Week 3


Welcome to Week 3 Year 5!


I've loved speaking to you on the phone this week and hearing about everything you are doing.  You sound like you are having fun with your families and making the very best of your time off. I know that some of you are missing your friends - I feel the same - but think of the joy and the stories you can share when we finally meet up again.  


This week we have a 'project' week.  On Friday, we will be celebrating Victory in Europe day, so I have based this week's writing and reading tasks round the reasons behind the celebration.  There are some really fun topic tasks too if you would like to do them - including learning the Morse code.  Perhaps you could send me a message by email for me to decode?  


Maths, again is White Rose maths.  I have also collated (word of the day - look it up!) Year 5 maths mastery questions on all our topics if you fancy a challenge!  No Big Maths Beat That! or Creative Write this week, as Friday is a Bank Holiday, and I don't want to spoil you too much!


Enjoy this week - I think you'll find it really interesting. And in the words of a famous World War 2 song 'We'll meet again!'.  I can't wait until we do.


Until then...


Stay safe, stay happy and look for those rainbows!


Lots of love


Miss L



File icon: docx Summer Term Week 3.timetable and tasks.docx [docx 17KB] Click to download
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