Summer 1 Week 4

Hello Littles!


I hope you enjoyed last week's VE tasks.  Did you have a party and eat lots of cake?


This week we are going back to our myth writing - based on Beowulf.  You are going to be looking at what a myth is and finding the features of one. You also have a BAREBONES task to help you with this based on Beowulf.  I know you haven't done one before, but I have done an example for you to help you with it, so don't worry.  Then you will be generating vocab for a character description using figurative language.  Remember when we did one for Little Freak?  It's the same thing, but using an image of Grendel.   I have given you some video links to help you understand the terms in case you have forgotten what figurative language is.  On Thursday, you have a brand new type of writing challenge which I think you will enjoy, especially as you can submit your work to the website that the task is linked to.  Who knows, you may even get published on the internet!  Friday - you've guessed it - Creative Write!


For maths we will be completing the White Rose maths videos and tasks like we have done for the last few weeks.  For those of you who want an extra challenge, I have put together all the White Rose problems of the day for you to have a go at in a clever document.  Open it on screen, press the F9 key on your computer, and all will be revealed!  You may also have some of the extra challenge mastery questions left from last week.  Friday - It's back - Big Maths Beat That and a Clic test.  I've also given you a link to a really challenging multiplying game on Nrich if you fancy it. You can answer all your maths questions (except for Big Maths Beat That!) in your book without your grown ups needing to print them off.


You have comprehensions for reading that are based on myths.  Link your learning to your writing - you may find it helps you with your tasks. You don't need to print these tasks off either - just read them on screen and answer the questions in your book. Friday is, of course, our Most Beloved Book.  Our weekly escape into another world.


Use your timetable for all the links and tasks. Lots to go at this week, but I know you're up for the challenge.


As always, don't get stressed.  Your happiness is the most important thing and any problems we can solve together, in our weekly phone calls or back at school.


Keep smiling, keep safe and keep going.  You are the best.


Lots of love


Miss L




Message for parents.


It's been lovely to talk to you and share our feelings over the last couple of weeks.  We make a great team.  This week I have tried to make sure that most tasks can be viewed on screen without the need for printing.  The maths answers can just be written in the home learning book - except for the Big Maths Beat That! test -  as can the reading tasks. The images I have used for the character task and the Creative Write can be viewed on screen.  Hope this helps.  Have a great week.  Keep safe and keep sane!


Best wishes


Sue Lockwood



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