Summer 2 Week 4

Dear Lovelies

This week - just wait.......
Oh. My. Goodness.  I have just loved planning your week this week.  Beyond excited.  I soooo wish we could do it together and can't wait to get some feedback from you when I talk to you in our weekly catchups.
Have you heard of David Bowie? No?  Speak to your grown ups - I bet they have.  I know you loved Thriller last week from speaking to you, but this is even better! I have given you the lyrics and the questions pack to work from, but first watch the video. The original video of David Bowie was very old, so I have put his song being sung by an actual astronaut on the International Space Station – check out the zero gravity! Making the video was extraordinary, so I've also put a video link on showing you how it was made by Chris Hadfield which is fascinating.  Also on your timetable is the live stream from the international space station so that you can get an idea of what our beautiful planet looks like from above and imagine being Major Tom looking down from his Spacecraft.  You may even see an astronaut on a spacewalk! I was enthralled!
In Writing we are continuing our mystery theme with Harris Burdick, but this week we will be travelling to Venice for a ominous crashing of a cruise liner.  I have sent you a video of what Venice is like and given you a tour of the canals and all the major attractions so that you can get a feel for the city and realise the horror of the catastrophe - I can hear people screaming with terror from here.....  Don't think this could actually happen?  Check out the video I've sent you of the very same thing happening in 2019 - listen to the people screaming, how do you think they will feel?  You are going to write a postcard and a newspaper report and I really want you to soak up the environment of Venice before you think of what is about to hit them.  Your eyewitness accounts should be breathtaking if you do the prep work.  I can't wait to receive your postcards.  Email them to
Maths is Oak Academy continuing with Decimals.  This week, as an extra treat, you have an escape room on Friday - can you release the teacher from school using your maths skills? Do you want to?????
Have you loved the thunderstorms this week?  I can't believe the power in our skies, but you know when the sky turns that shark grey colour, we are in for a treat.  I love the wet smell of the earth after a thunderstorm, as the plants drink up the much needed water.  Everything smells so much fresher and ready for a power growth.  The cherries on my tree are starting to blush, and we will have a feast pretty soon - if Mr and Mrs Blackbird and their family don't finish them off first!
Have a great week, you superstars
Love from


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