Summer 2 Week 5

Hey Team Lockwood!

Welcome to another week of learning adventures!  Hope you liked last week - how awesome was the International Space Station Live feed, and the astronaut playing a David Bowie song on it!  Do you think astronauts shower in space - mmmmm?

This week, in a tenuous (look it up) link to last week’s Space Oddity, it's Space and Shape week in maths!  We will be looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shape and how to recognise different triangles and quadrilaterals. What's a Polygon - is it a parrot that has escaped?  (Groan)

Can you draw a 3 D shape?  If not, watch this video to show you how  Want more of a challenge?  How about shading it to give it a real special effect - here's how  You also have a Nrich Space challenge at the end of the week to really mash your brains, and of course your extra tasks on Maths Brain Fry.

So, what else’s is in the line up?  BIG DRUM ROLL....its football week in reading! You will learn about the history of football, Women's football, the origins of the yellow and red card and one of the most shocking incidents in football history - The hand of God.  We was robbed - that's all I'm saying!  Watch the video and tell me if I'm right.

You will also learn a little bit about the Falklands War. Never heard of it? Well, it's connected to your last football comprehension when emotions were running at an all-time high.

In writing, its cliff-hanger time for Haris Burdick.  Can you write a piece full of suspense and mystery?  I have given you a PowerPoint to show you how this genre can be achieved and, of course, a fantastic image.  I have also started the story for you.  Can you take your reader down a knife edge?  

Our final Haris task is a police incident report - why is the window of the third floor bedroom open - is this where it all began? You decide!

The Great Uplevelling Challenge from last week should help you create some awesome drama too, so don't forget to use your prior learning to help you with your task :-)

You also have some reminders about figurative language, and a game to play to help you identify the different elements of it.  Maybe you could switch it around and teach your parents about it.

In addition, I think it's about time we brushed up on your handwriting, so I have included a handwriting booklet for you to complete this week.  We will be doing this every week now until the end of term to get you up to scratch for Year 6.

This week has been a week of learning for me.  Ever wonder what a ladybird looks like before it's a ladybird?  Well this week I found out.  I have a plant on my garden table that is covered in weird shaped insects.  I looked them up and they are ladybird larvae!  I have been watching them all week, and some have gone to pupae stage ready to metamorphoses into ladybirds - look at this video to see what I am seeing.  Did you know that there are over 5000 species of ladybird?  Me neither! Hopefully they will flock to my apple tree when they get their wings, and eat all the sticky aphids on it.  They truly are the gardener's friend.

Have a brilliant week.  Here's a fascinating fact. Did you know that the weather warning for last week's high UV (ultraviolet - the rays that cause skin cancer) levels was in part due to the lockdown?  That's right - because there is less pollution in the sky from cars, industry and planes, the UV rays are far stronger than they were!

I hope you enjoy this week.  Next week is already bubbling in my brain - be warned!

Sending you love and a cheeky learning wink!


Miss L

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