Welcome Back!

Helloo little people,

I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate and you have been outside enjoying our lovely weather.  How lucky are we that we are getting to spend all this time outdoors with our families.  I know times are strange, but I really want you to think of all the positives that are coming from this:


1. Go outside and listen to the birds.  Go on.  Lie on the grass with your eyes closed - how many different bird songs can you hear?  Have you ever taken the time to listen to them before?  Do you think there is more or less than there was? What else can you hear?

2.  Look at the colour of the sky.  How blue is it?  How many vapour trails do you see from planes? Do you think this means there is less pollution and the air we are breathing is purer?  How many cars are there on the road? What do you think this means for our planet?

3. Think of all the activities you have been doing with your grown ups.  Can you remember a time that you spent so much time together having fun?  Have you baked, cooked, painted, built dens, walked together, read together, watched movies together, done silly dances in the kitchen?


There is so much for us to be thankful for and I really want you to take deep breathes in the beautiful 'fresher' air and see this an opportunity to be a family and to watch the nature all around us, from the verdant (look it up!) growth of spring to the song of the bumblebees and birds. 

Hopefully, we will never have this opportunity again.  But whilst we do, let's make the most of it.  

Now.  Back to work. 

I hope you all enjoyed the home learning project on The Final Frontier, and you learnt some great new facts.  This half term we will be looking at a new topic - The Anglo Saxons!  The first task we are going to undertake is research.  Then, we are going to write a non chronological report on the Anglo Saxons.  Remember the one we did on the Mayans?  This will be the same as that, but based on the Anglo Saxons. You can choose to do a double page spread, or page by page.  I am also going to ask you to do a timeline, so you can see in our history where they belong.

In maths, you will be continuing to use the White Rose videos and activity sheets (see the link on your timetable), doing one lesson per day for the week.  Don't forget, if you want to challenge yourself further, you can also go to the nRich website for puzzles and red hot challenges. I have even sent you a little treat for Friday!  Big Maths Beat That! 

I'm going to throw in a couple of Spag tasks to keep you up to speed too.  Remember though, always check your writing for errors, capital letters and full stops, sense and uplevelling.

It's really important to keep our brains ticking over for when we get back to school, but don't get stressed.  We can iron out the wrinkles of anything you struggle with when you get back to school.  

I have set your week out with daily task and links, so I hope this is clear.  I will be calling you next week to see how you are and hear all your news, so anything that you are unsure about, we can work out together.


Keep safe, stay happy.

Lots of love


Miss L


File icon: docx Summer Term Week 1.timetable and tasks.docx [docx 17KB] Click to download
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