Structured timetable for week commencing 4th May

Keep smiling, keep shining, keep finding things that excite you. Don't try and complete all of this instead, choose the bits you like the look of xxx

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PE- Workout with Joe Wicks

Mega Maths- TT Rockstars (login using your username and password)

Maths-  Angles in a triangle, missing angles (lesson 4 from Summer term week 1)  Watch the video before completing the activity. You can then open the answers from the website and mark your own. 

Word Wizards- Story time with David Walliams

Literacy   Re-watch the Lego story film to remind you of all the key facts then complete your next two paragraphs (Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page for hints and tips about your writing this week).

PSHE-The power of kindness. Think about what kindness means to you and how you can try and carry out a little act of kindness every day. Print of the kindness calendar (attached below) and use it to keep a record for the month of May. Can you fill something in every day?

If you’d like to take this a little bit further, have a go at some of the activities in the ‘Making a difference from home’ activity pack.

Daily mile/family walk

Optional challenge of the day: Invent your own board game


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File icon: pdf kindness calendar.pdf [pdf 538KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Making a difference from home.pdf [pdf 4MB] Click to download


PE- Dance with Oti Mabuse (Shrek)

Mega Maths: Prodigy Maths

Maths:Login to Sign in, like last week, using the passwords you use for Readtheory (these are stuck in the front of your orange book). At the home screen, click on ‘classwork’ and choose three of the interactive maths games that have been set for you.

Word Wizards: Use spelling frame to invetigate different words with silent letters

Literacy - Write the concluding paragraph to your report. Proof-read, edit and publish your report. (Remember to scroll down to the bottom of the page for extra hints and tips) 

French- Learn the French names different items of clothing. Remember to view the PowerPoint in full screen mode and use the ‘play’ button in the top left to hear the phrases read out to you. Then have a go at completing the sheet.

Extension- Choose your favourite outfit from your wardrobe and film a tv advert trying to advertise and sell each item of clothing. Remember to use the French words for the clothes though J

Daily mile/family walk

Optional challenge of the day: Hunt for minibeasts in your garden

File icon: pptx French presentation.pptx [pptx 8MB] Click to download
File icon: doc French activity.doc [doc 3MB] Click to download


PE- Workout with Joe Wicks

Mega Maths- Solve the Transum problem (see picture)

Maths- Reason from known facts. Complete page 5 from the Classroom Secrets booklet (attached below) You can then use the answer booklet to mark your answers.

Word Wizards: How many words can you find in the word square? (see the attachment below) Can you find the 9 letter word? Challenge: Can you list synonyms or antonyms for any of the words you have found?

Literacy- Open up the PowerPoint of The Highwayman. Listen to the poem being performed before completing the sequencing activity.

Science- Use the resource sheet to make a sundial. Once you have completed it, write a short explanation of how it works and what it shows.

Daily mile/family walk

Optional challenge of the day: Make a sock creature

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File icon: pdf Wednesday literacy.pdf [pdf 812KB] Click to download
File icon: pptx Highwayman Performance.pptx [pptx 14MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Making a sundial.pdf [pdf 169KB] Click to download


PE- Create your own warm-up for a game.

Mega Maths- TT Rockstars

Maths: Complete two activities from the Home Challenge sheet which is attached below (please note, we don’t have the cards to complete number 10).  

Word Wizards- Epic books (login using your username and password)

Literacy- Listen to an alternative version of the poem being performed. Open up your activity sheet for today to revise your understanding of the perfect tense before completing the tasks

Computing- Log onto Discover education and enter the username and password below. Username: Student27320  Password: whiston18    Continue the Year 6 unit 6a

Daily mile/family walk

Optional challenge of the day: Design a t-shirt

File icon: pdf Thursday literacy.pdf [pdf 837KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Thursday Maths.doc [doc 501KB] Click to download

Literacy support 4th May 

For the first few days this week you will finish your Lego report. As well as focussing on the content, don’t forget to try and make it as eye-catching and engaging as you can. Could you use bubble writing for the title? Will you include images and ‘did you know’ boxes? You might even create a timeline of some of the key events.

Try to achieve the following learning objectives:

  • WALT consider the effect vocabulary has on the reader.
  • WALT use design and layout features to engage the reader
  • WALT summarise our ideas in a concluding paragraph.
  • WALT edit and improve our initial ideas

Monday- Re-read what you have written so far and refer back to the plan you created last week. Today you are going to write the next two paragraphs to your report. Remember to include a range of relevant facts and to use synonyms and pronouns to avoid repeating yourself.

Tuesday- Today you are going to start writing the final paragraph to your report. Think carefully about the effect you want this to have on your reader. It is the last thing they will read and so you want it to have an impact. E.g. Today the Lego brand is known the world over. What started with the humble building brick, is now a company which has over 120 shops worldwide….

Now it’s time to proof-read, edit and then publish your report. Re-read it first to check for any spelling mistakes, missing punctuation or missing words. Now have a go at improving some of your vocabulary choices and sentence structures. Look carefully at your sentence openers. Have you included any parenthesis? Could you experiment with a relative clause? Once you are happy with the improvements you have made, copy it up neatly. Remember to think carefully about ways you could make it eye catching:

  • Use colours and images
  • Include ‘did you know boxes’
  • Present each paragraph with an interesting layout

You might even decide to type it on the computer or create a little booklet.

Don’t forget to email a picture of your finished report for our class learning page.