Creative writing has no limits! All you need is a pen/pencil and something to write on. Sometimes,writing for a purpose is the easiest thing to do.So have a go at some of these:

  • Keep a diary for 5 minutes every day. It can be something you read back to yourself in the future to remember these 'interesting' times. 
  • Write a recipe book containing all your favourite recipes. You might even be able to make some of these at home with your grown up
  • Write a letter to one of your classmates, parents, grandparents, auntie, uncles,  cousins, teachers

Or use the webites below to inpsire you to write something creative based on an incredible image. 


Pobble365- http://www.pobble365.com/ - This generates an incredible picture every day. Use the story starter or sentence challenge to generate some wonderful pieces of creative writing.


Once Upon a Picture - https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/ - The images on here are wonderful and cover a range of different areas. Again, use these to inspire some creative writing.