Wet and Wild at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

We are now open for business!!!

We had an official opening of our new reception area on Tuesday 13th June. One child from each class was chosen to join Mrs Finney, Mr Henderson and Mrs Angell for the official opening.


'We have really enjoyed cutting the ribbon!'

We have had a face lift!

Welcome to our new reception area 

We now have a welcoming space for parents and visitors to Whiston

Work has been completed on our new outdoor FS2 learning environment; please take a look at the transformation below.

Watch the transformation of our FS2 outdoor learning environment!

We say goodbye to Mrs Hopps, after 24 years.

The school extension is starting to take shape.

What a fantastic day we had on Friday raising money for Comic Relief!

Children and adults had a fantastic time raising money for Comic Relief. They took part in lots of activities, including activities which helped them learn about other children in the world and activities which gave them opportunities to raise money.

  • They took part in a sponsored mile with Miss Hunt
  • A whole school dance performance (in front of parents) with Mrs Denwood
  • A session telling jokes with Mrs Francis wearing funny beards and spectacles
  • Making red nose cookies with Mrs Woodward
  • Listening and finding out about the story of Hassan with Miss Burgin
  • Making a Whiston Wish by making someone else smile with Mrs Hall
  • Being active on a trampoline with Live and Learn

Our Sport Leaders will count up asap and we will let you know how much money we raised altogether.

Finally, a big thank you to all our parents, staff and children for supporting us to make a difference to others on Comic Relief Day. We raised a fantastic £862.15!!!

Take a look at the new design for FS2 outdoor learning environment - hopefully summer 2017

We are really excited that the school governors have agreed our new plans to extend and create an exciting and immersive outdoor learning environment for FS2.

Hopefully, these will be completed in the summer of 2017.

Our whole 'Magic and Mystery' topic was EPIC!!!

Who do you recognise?

We had a great 'EPIC' launch of our whole school topic: 'Magic and Mystery.'


We all had a fabulous afternoon at our annual Whiston's Got Talent competition and we were joined by two guest judges, the Major of Rotherham and Miss Fretwell form Live and Learn.

Our finalists put on an exciting show, which included dancing, gymnastics, electric guitar, drums, jokes and much more.


The final of Whiston's Got Talent has arrived.

Whiston's Got Talent

Over the last two weeks we have had a wonderful opportunity to watch our very own talents of today and tomorrow, perform their routines in the semi-finals of our very own Whiston's Got Talent competition.

The audiences were blown away with the musicality of singers and musicians, the skills of the acrobats and the confidence of the comedians, to name but a few of the different talents presented. 

A well done to all of the children.

We are all excited for the final on Friday 3rd February.

The finalists are:

 Isla, Connie, Emily and Jess (Y1) performing a gymnastic routine

 Aurelia and Ella (Y6) singing

Sam, Laurence and Ben (Y5) telling jokes

Florence, Hollie and Maya (Y2) singing and dancing

Zane (Y1) playing drums

Kacey (Y3) singing

Sienna and Nieve (Y5) dancing

Chelsea (Y3) singing

Molly (Y6) performing a gymnastic routine

Freya (Y1) dancing

Alex (Y6) singing and finally Zach (Y5) on drums.

Good luck to all our finalists.

Welcome to our new school website

Welcome back and a Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2017 has started with huge energy and enthusiasm here at Whiston. It is lovely to have the children back at school and many of us will enjoy being back into a routine once again.

As we start this New Year, we continue to encourage high standards of attitudes to learning and behaviour and also we continue to embed our ‘Values’ education,  where children have an opportunity to observe, explore and celebrate the values of others. The values we are exploring and developing in January are ‘determination and resilience’ and over the next couple of weeks the children will set themselves challenging targets to try and reach by the end of the year!


Citizenship Award

Congratulations to all the children who joined me last term for a fabulous treat of ‘Afternoon Tea.’ We had a thoroughly lovely time. Each half term teachers choose one member of their class for our special Citizenship Award. This award is given to children who think of others by showing kindness, showing they care or just someone who is uplifting and goes that extra mile for others.