Our Aims

‘Pupils are eager learners, as demonstrated by their above-average attendance and very good behaviour. The new curriculum and high-quality teaching foster their love of learning very effectively. Pupils relish learning through topics and the diverse activities teachers devise to make these exciting. They appreciate the choices they can make about home learning tasks and during the inspection some proudly showed off the projects they have tackled at home. Pupils enjoy the wide-ranging opportunities they have to participate in afterschool clubs, trips and residential visits’.  


The school aims to provide quality education for children between four and eleven years of age.

Our aim is to provide high standards of teaching and learning through:

  • A rich, broad, balanced and creative curriculum which sustains the engagement of all learners.
  • Operating an environment which is safe, healthy, caring and supportive for everyone.
  • Encouraging self reliance and pride in all achievements.
  • Developing learning skills and a love of learning, including the ability to question, enquire and be independent in their approach to learning.
  • Promoting the development of tolerance and respect for others, regardless of race, creed or gender and ensure that all learners have equality of opportunity.