Teaching and 

'An enthusiastic buzz of learning permeates classrooms. Teachers are highly skilled at capturing pupils’ interest through challenging puzzles and games, and keeping them hooked on learning through a range of activities pitched at the right level. Teachers question pupils well and are accomplished at adapting their questions to tease out what pupils understand and then deal with any misconceptions immediately. Pupils have many opportunities to share their ideas with their ‘talk partners’ and this helps them to consolidate their understanding. Pupils respond thoughtfully to teachers’ marking and feedback. Teaching assistants make a very positive contribution to pupils’ learning. They have benefited from the school’s well-targeted approach to training'. Ofsted, May 2016.


'Pupils are eager learners, as demonstrated by their above-average attendance and very good behaviour. The new curriculum and high-quality teaching foster their love of learning very effectively. Pupils relish learning through topics and the diverse activities teachers devise to make these exciting. They appreciate the choices they can make about home learning tasks and during the inspection some proudly showed off the projects they have tackled at home. Pupils enjoy the wide-ranging opportunities they have to participate in afterschool clubs, trips and residential visits.'  Ofsted, May 2016

in our 'EPIC' Curriculum

'A catalyst for the improvements to teaching and learning is the implementation of a new, exciting curriculum. Topics with a lead subject provide the focus for learning across the curriculum. Pupils are full of enthusiasm for the activities that have helped them learn about the ancient Egyptians, volcanoes, planets, Chinese new year and much more. They value the visits, for instance to historic houses, that have expanded their horizons and helped them understand topics more fully'.  Ofsted, May 2016