What does Transition look like at Whiston?

Transition into Reception classes 

Transition is always about change; particularly adjusting to change – and successful change is about forgetting that the change happened. When young children move from a pre-school environment such as from home or a childminder or a daycare setting into a school environment they will experience huge change in their lives. We recognise that this change can often be quite an anxious time for some children and some parents. If transition is to be successful, from pre-school to school, preparation should begin early so that there is good communication between the two organisations. This is why we visit all children in their pre-school setting and speak to the staff in the setting. We also offer opportunities for children and families to visit school on at least three occasions in the summer before they are due to start school.

Transition into Key Stage 1

Through the EYFS children are entitled to a curriculum that is based on what interests them and what they already know, can do and understand. Our Year 1 teachers build on these starting points and continue to nurture children’s natural desire for learning. As they continue their journey into Year 1 consideration is given to what children experience as similar in Reception and Year 1 classes and how this can be developed further. This  includes consideration of physical resources such as sand, water and construction and opportunities for learning through first hand-experiences. There are opportunities for children to initiate activities themselves and to follow up their own interests independently,especially in the autumn term. We try to ensure all children have a smooth transition from the EYFS to Key Stage 1 through school organisation, staffing, resourcing and the transfer of information about children’s learning. Parents are still encouraged to continue to be involved as partners in their children’s learning and discuss issues with the class teacher after school.

For further information, please read the information on the 'Starting Schoo'l tab and our Transition Policy, which is attached below.

File icon: pdf 2019 Transition Policy [pdf 507KB] Click to download

Pupil Passports to Learning (Pupil Targets)

Everything we do at Whiston is designed to create a school where pupils will flourish: personally, socially and academically. Our curriculum goes beyond the content of the national offer to enrich learning, widen experiences and strengthen character.

The Pupil Passport to Learning is our latest initiative to help communicate curriculum expectations to pupils and parents. All pupils will receive a printed Passport to which they can refer as they make progress on their journey through the year. We hope parents will also read the Passports so they can support their children more effectively.

The attachments below expand on each year group’s end of year expectations (targets).

Teachers will share the passports with you at Parent Consultation evenings and discuss your child’s progress.



File icon: pdf Reception_Class_Passport_-_child_friendly [pdf 466KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_1_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 472KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_2_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 472KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_3_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 473KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_4_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 471KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_5_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 475KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Year_6_Passport_child_friendly [pdf 473KB] Click to download