SATS 2019 DATES: Year 6 SATs will take place during the week starting May 13th. 

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KS2 Year 6 SATs Dates - May 2019

SATS 2019 DATES: Year 6 SATs will take place during the week starting May 13th 2019.

Monday 13th May 2019
Tuesday 14th May 2019
Weds 15th May 2019
Thursday 16th May 2019
Friday 17th May 2019
English Spag - short answer questions (paper 1)

Spelling test (paper 2)
English Reading paper
Mathematics Arithmetics (paper 1)

Mathematics Reasoning (paper 2)
Mathematics Reasoning (paper 3)
No tests today
What are SATs?
SATs tests take place in England in year 2 and in Year 6. The Year 6 SATs tests take place during the Month of May, with the tests spread out across the week. Compare4kids has many resources to help children prepare for their Year 6 SATs tests. This page has links to all of the past Year 6 SATs papers, including Year 6 English SATs papers, Year 6 Maths SATs papers and Year 6 Science SATs papers. You can download these KS2 SATs papers for free, to help your child with their revision for the SATs tests. It is likely that children will go through past SATs practice papers with their teacher in class, whilst preparing for the SATs test. Compare4kids updates these free SATs papers every year, making it easy for you to download SATs papers online.
For further information and past paers visit:   
There have been many changes to the SATS tests over the years, the most recent SATs changes being in 2016, with the test updated to a new format. As of May 2016, the following Year 6 SATs tests will take place:
- Spelling test
- Reading test
- Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test (SPAG)

- Paper 1 - Arithmetic
- Paper 2 - Mathematical Reasoning
- Paper 3 - Mathematical Reasoning

Year 6 Science SATs tests have been replaced with teacher assessments, and a random selection of schools are chosen each year to take a sampling Science test so that standards of science learning can be monitored.

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