Remote Learning During Lockdown

Whole School or a Full School

If a class or the entire school are having to self isolate due to advice from Public Health England, the teacher(s) will contact all parents via Arbor Messaging Service the following day.

All the information needed for children to start to access their learning at home, will be sent via Arbor.

We will use a range of online learning platforms to support the teaching and learning, where children will need access to a laptop or a mobile device. We will use Google G Suite and Seesaw to ensure teachers can send video links and 'live recordings' and 'live real time' teaching  sessions. we will also make the most of other online to ensure children continue to have a range of experiences.

Through using Google G Suite and Seessaw teachers will be able to mark and give feedback to individual children or groups.

Individual Pupils

If an individual child is having to self isolate, teachers will organise a range of learning activities to be emailed home. They will also send links to learning via Seesaw and other links to web pages on the Internet.

Due to the fact that teachers will be teaching the remainder of the class, they will not be able to arrange 'live lessons'; however, school staff will ensure theat we contact parents and carers via email or telephone, to make sure that they can access their learning.

Parents guide to Seesaw

Seesaw App for children

Link to the Seesaw App and Google Meet 'help sheet'

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